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#10392 (+8/-0)
<Cheez> oh dear. my housemate has requested a film called Dawna The Dead while she was adding Dawn of the Dead. I just had a flick through, it's the worst B-movie porn imaginable
<apo> oops
<Cheez> she's happy, she's all "Yeah, i was hoping that's what it was, it looks awful, we're gonna watch it!"
<barometz> traditional holiday entertainment
<asarkar> My friends and I did that twice in a row, then we decided to give up impulse watching Netflix
<apo> and just get straight to the chilling part
<Cheez> She's on a real horror film kick atm, done all of the friday the 13th films, done all of nightmare on elm street, done the crossovers
<barometz> apo: bone-chilling
<asarkar> ...
<IceKarma> barometz, *snerk*
<apo> Necrophiliac
<barometz> ... half of pun unintended
<mike> barometz: that's an amazing three meaning pun