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#10422 (+5/-0)
* Kalium calls a recursive jamesl()
<cnf> i'll call your recursive jamesl!
* jamesl1 (5c198fef@Clk-EA88667A.org) has joined
* jamesl2 (5c198fef@Clk-EA88667A.org) has joined
* jamesl3 (5c198fef@Clk-EA88667A.org) has joined
* jamesl4 (5c198fef@Clk-EA88667A.org) has joined
<jamesl1> who called a recursive jamesl?
<jamesl4> who was it, guys
<Kalium> I... may have forgotten the end condition
<Kalium> this is why I don't use recursion!