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#10429 (+9/-3)
<hppavilion1> I can't find Bucket D:
<loudaslife> He's dead, Packard.
<barometz> billygoat: stopword bucket
<billygoat> Okay, next person to say 'bucket' gets kickbanned.

*** hppavilion2 joined #xkcd dosgmowdow@hide-BF57BA30.dynamic.asdk12.org
<hppavilion2> Wtf
<hppavilion2> Why can't I find it?
*** hppavilion2 quit (Quit: Leaving) dosgmowdow@hide-
<barometz> oh for chrissakes
<hppavilion1> barometz: What?
<barometz> how hard is it to get that Bucket disconnected and the netsplit is resolved and you're making a giant fuss about a garbage IRC bot? Stop that noise. Also good night.
--- billygoat has banned *!dominic@*.2D33A2B7.8158405A.IP
*** barometz was kicked by billygoat (Jackpot!!!)