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#10432 (+5/-0)
<seven> Seattle is such a pretty and interesting city.
<seven> I'm jel :)
<Oracle989> Eh, it's overpriced and getting blander by the minute
<seven> insanely overpriced
<Oracle989> It's a city in cultural decay
<seven> I watched a documentary, or, a few, about seattle, one in particular featuring the infrastructure and the history
<alexxerthmobile> Oracle989: many cities are
<Oracle989> In most regards, it peaked in the late 90s and has been slipping since
<Oracle989> alexxerthmobile, Yeah, there are some up-and-comers though
<Oracle989> Or early-stage collapse cities, like Portland
<seven> what I didn't realise was like, the inlets, the lakes, and ocean around the city, a lot of it sits on super fucking deep geological landscape
<Oracle989> Oh the geography and geology of the city are neat
<Oracle989> And the history is cool
<Oracle989> But modern Seattle feels kind of like a "trendy" chain restaurant
<seven> and there are main freeways connecting parts of the city going over the water, that are basically floating sort of pontoons. Because they can be bridges, as the water they cross, right there next to the city, is so deep they can't feasibly put foundations for bridges on it
<Oracle989> 65m deep
<seven> they can't be, rather. So, there's major parts of urban infrastructure, roads, and bridges, that are arterial, which are free floating over super deep bodies of water. That, are designed to withstand super storms and not break away
<seven> that was interesting, and surprising.
<seven> Appparently they've even proposed floating housing developments over the deep water in the city there in Seattle. But, the plans have been on hold for a decade or more, because of how deep the water is, and how expensive it would be to create floating housing settlements. The economics showed it just couldn't be afjorded.