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#10434 (+5/-1)
<Froward> who wants a joke
<Froward> are you ready for my jokes
<Vulpes> Froward, yeah I guess
<Froward> Vulpes: why did the chicken cross the road?
<Vulpes> Froward, to run away from the factory farm?
<Vulpes> to end its miserable existence?
<Froward> Vulpes: close! to get to the idiot's house!!!
<Froward> Vulpes: knock knock!
<Vulpes> Froward, is that the end or the middle of your joke?
<Froward> Vulpes: IT'S THE CHICKEN
<Vulpes> I figured as much
<Vulpes> thanks
<Froward> ahahahaha
<Froward> okay so
<Froward> Vulpes: a man and a lady go out on a first date, at the end of the date he walks her to her door and says "good night!" and kisses her on the forehad.
<Froward> Vulpes: but she's looking for a little lip action so she flutters her eyelash and says "a little lower, please!"
<Froward> Vulpes: and he says in a very deep voice G O O D N I G H T
<CO2> Froward: Imma steal your jokes and post them in the SA joke thread
<Froward> nø don't you idiot they're for telling in real life, they do much better there
<CO2> IRC is real life?
<Vulpes> Froward, hah
<Froward> Vulpes: how do you fit an elephant in a freezer?
<Vulpes> Froward, I think I've heard this one
<Froward> (note when this joke was told to me I spent about three minutes describing steadily more macabre ways of fitting an elephant in a freezer before letting them continue. ymmv)
<Vulpes> but I don't remember it
* Kalium sight
<Vulpes> I did already think of "in small pieces"
* Kalium sighs*
<Vulpes> and "compressed"
<Kalium> you open the door and put it in
<alexxerth> Blending it into a liquid is probably the best way
<alexxerth> That way it can take up the maximum amount of available volume
<Froward> yeah now how do you put a giraffe in the freezer?
<alexxerth> Probably still blending it into a liquid
<Vulpes> you take out the elephant and put the giraffe in
<Kalium> you put it in, because your fridge seems to be big as heck
<Froward> mighty lion king of jungle, has the biggest party ever. but he's snubbed by one animal! who is it
<Kalium> The giraffe!
<Kalium> they're in the fridge
<Froward> on the way home, elephant has to cross a river full of dangerous crocodiles. how can he safely cross?
<Froward> (nb elephant is hella drunk)
<Kalium> just walk across, the crocodiles are at the party
<Froward> thats 4 for 4
<Froward> you earned a special prize
<Rena> well then the river's not full of crocodiles is it
<CO2> the dutch word for elephant is olifant which sounds like oil-phant in Dutch. There's a joke that goes "how do you fit an elephant into a mailbox?" answer: "drain the oil, fold up the little phant"
<Vulpes> that is a slight problem
<Vulpes> perhaps crocodile-infested river would work better
<Kalium> No-one said it was a well thought out river
* CO2 hands Vulpes the little phant
<Vulpes> because it implies crocodiles live in the river, but they don't quite have to be there at the time
<Rena> so what's a phant
<alexxerth> Maybe the river is really long
<alexxerth> And it goes to the party
<alexxerth> so the crocodiles are in the river, just not where the elephant is
<CO2> Rena: it's the part of an elephant after you remove the ele
<Rena> also, who left their giraffe in my fridge