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#10436 (+6/-1)
<couch> how old is Ain't No Sunshine? by Bill Withers?
<couch> ... nvm, forgot I'm on the internet for a moment there
<couch> at least 1971
<barometz> I'm not online when she's gone / there's no porn when she's away
<couch> barometz, there's only porn when she's away
<couch> I'm not online when she's gone! / web is off too long, everytime she goes away
<couch> wonder this time why it's down / wonder if it's down to stay
<couch> (man and his server)
<couch> human and their server
<couch> anyhow, gotta find some sheet music for the song, gotta figure out how to play it for piano
<barometz> I know, I know, I know, I know / can't you just leave my switch alone?
<couch> lol