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#10630 (+6/-1)
* taixzo gives Bucket a bribe
< Bucket> Okay, taixzo.
* tonyb486 gives Bucket a bigger bribe
* Bucket now contains a bigger bribe.
* Xenos gives Bucket the biggest bribe
* Bucket drops jamesl's and takes the biggest bribe.
* tonyb486 gives Bucket a huge bribe
* Bucket hands tonyb486 sympathy in exchange for a huge bribe
* tonyb486 cries on Bucket's shoulder
* Bucket hugs and comforts tonyb486.
< jamesl> taixzo: accept this gift
* Bucket gives a bigger bribe to taixzo. Enjoy!
< jamesl> no not that gift
< taixzo> hahaha
< Xenos> Bucket is a ponzi scheme!
< taixzo> I gave Bucket a bribe and he gave me a bigger bribe. Profit!