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#10633 (+4/-1)
<Soni> multiplexd: hey does sirc have /ignore?
<Soni> or w/e broken client you use
<Soni> I forgot what it's called
<multiplexd> Soni: jamesl isn't using that client right now, though it does
<Soni> cool
<multiplexd> Soni: and i now use ii instead of sirc
<Soni> oh ok
<Kalium> "FIFO and filesystem based IRC client"
<multiplexd> Soni: ii is a little cumbersome to set up though, so i keep sirc around
<Kalium> you really are living up to your "Techno Hipster" title
<multiplexd> Kalium: i'm a techno hipster?
<Kalium> I mean I generally assume that 100% of anything you do is built in weird and obscure things that four other people use
<multiplexd> Kalium: hahaha
<jamesl> Kalium: if you use an operating system that other people use, what's the point?
<Kalium> See iirc multiplexd uses BSD so yes, four other people use that
<Kalium> and they're all in this channel