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#10638 (+8/-0)
<Rob1992> ...oh wow i think for the first time in years we might have jehova's at our door
<CO2_work> reminder: if you are extremely offensive to them they might put you on a blacklist
<mie> is being put on a blacklist good or bad thing in this context?
<Cheez> we had some come to our place once when i was living with friends. we were in the middle of stripping wallpaper, so wearing protective gear and had sheets down, we saw them coming so duct taped one of our guys to a chair in the hallway and gagged him (he was a willing participant) my housemate then opened the door to them and from their perspective it looked like some sort of execution or
<Cheez> something, two guys in those disposable white protective suits, plastic sheeting everywhere and a guy tied to a chair and gagged.
<Cheez> they said something along the lines of "oh, we will come back when you're not busy" and ran