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#10646 (+13/-0)
<loudaslife> well that was pretty entertaining
<loudaslife> I arrive at this glass shop, and the first obvious thing to notice is that the roof appears to have been leaking for about a decade
<loudaslife> I would even go so far as to say there was more leak than there was actual roof
<loudaslife> huge sections of the ceiling had either been cut out or collapsed under their own weight
<loudaslife> buckets absolutely everywhere
<loudaslife> I've seen totally abandoned buildings that were in better shape than this
<loudaslife> but sure enough, this very scruffy looking older man literally walks out of the shadows
<loudaslife> the entire back room was pitch dark and he just strolls out
<loudaslife> so we exchange greetings, yada yada, and I ask if he can cut me a 120mm circle out of some 1/8th inch glass. I specified the thickness in inches because that's how it's sold everywhere in this country
<loudaslife> and he looks at me and goes "Uh, I can probably do that if you give it to me in inches"
<loudaslife> "I'm not an engineer"
<loudaslife> so I have to fucking pull out my phone, open the calculator, and convert the diameter to inches for him, because he apparently doesn't know how to do it himself.
<Hg200> translation: all my tools are calibrated for one measurement type and i don't want to fuck around with math for an hour to recalibrate them
<loudaslife> he wouldn't have to recalibrate anything, just convert it first like I did for him.
<loudaslife> literally 120/25.4
<loudaslife> but sure enough, he comes back out with this perfectly cut and polished piece of glass, and charges me one single dollar for it.
<nobody> damn, 1 dollar?
<loudaslife> Yep, $1 for a custom cut piece of glass.
<loudaslife> I guess that explains why he can't afford to fix his roof.
<loudaslife> This identical piece of glass sells for $12 plus shipping on amazon.
<loudaslife> $12.99 actually