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#633 (+1150/-77)
<~xkcd> well, khmer, in search of hilarity
<~xkcd> hit on airtank, with great faux-sincerity
<~xkcd> but was met with surprise
<~xkcd> when the pull of her thighs
<~xkcd> crushed them both down to a singularity

<%khmer_at_work> Internet, please meet xkcd.
<%khmer_at_work> He distributes his content for free.
<%khmer_at_work> He writes half of his jokes
<%khmer_at_work> For you programmer folks
<%khmer_at_work> And the other half, he gets from me

<~xkcd> I am shocked by your base allegation
<~xkcd> and declare that it's pure fabrication
<~xkcd> yes, you're often quite clever
<~xkcd> but your jokes are, however,
<~xkcd> insufficient for my publication

<%khmer_at_work> Your rebuttal is cute but transparent.
<%khmer_at_work> Your reliance on me is apparent.
<%khmer_at_work> I'll admit it's pragmatic
<%khmer_at_work> To hide in your attic
<%khmer_at_work> But won't I run into your parents?

<~xkcd> (this limerick game goes for chapters)
<~xkcd> yes, we can become your captors
<~xkcd> you can stay in our attic
<~xkcd> though it's problematic
<~xkcd> since that's where we hide from the raptors

< Shrdlu> Gentlemen, your poetic retorts
< Shrdlu> Are among the most excellent sports
< Shrdlu> But this game, I insist
< Shrdlu> Has my poor neighbors pissed
< Shrdlu> For the library fills with my snorts.

<%khmer_at_work> I'll deal with them mano a mano.
<%khmer_at_work> Sit and listen to your ipod nano.
<%khmer_at_work> I'll lure them to dream
<%khmer_at_work> With that one 'Lost World' theme
<%khmer_at_work> And then slam their heads in the piano.

<~xkcd> You've devised quite an interesting plan,
<~xkcd> but it'll be over before it began.
<~xkcd> The raptors are smarter;
<~xkcd> your plot's a non-starter.
<~xkcd> Have fun. I'll be in Kazakhstan.

< Shrdlu> The piano idea could be worse
< Shrdlu> But the details are rather perverse.
< Shrdlu> Smashing their heads
< Shrdlu> Won't ensure that they're dead
< Shrdlu> But it will send you home in a hearse.

<%relsqui> While you duked it out, I've been terse
<%relsqui> 'Cause at limericks I'm a lot worse
<%relsqui> Than with different feet
<%relsqui> (In iambic, I'm leet!)
<%relsqui> Call me back when you fight in blank verse.