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#193 (+38/-9)
<%shoofle> Andross: psychic isn't an element, it's a TYPE
<%shoofle> AIR is an element
<%shoofle> FIRE is an element
<%shoofle> WATER is an element
<%shoofle> PLANT, a type or subelement is composed of EARTH and WATER
<%root> What about HEART?
<%shoofle> root: no one cares about your heart
<%shoofle> it's too black
<%shoofle> and no one cares about black things
-!- shoofle is now known as shoofle_is_racist
<%shoofle_is_racist> they're all part of the jewish lizard banking gay french conspiracy to put down us white people

#192 (+16/-4)
fortitUs: 0xDEADDEAD : A Microsoft Windows STOP Error code used when the user manually initiates the crash. wtf o_O
no-genius: user manually initiates the crash = installing windows i guess

#191 (+17/-5)
<khmer> I took a Turing test and came out HIV positive.

#189 (+0/-2)
The hazards of /nick:

-!- KKK is now known as Hermiene
-!- root changed the topic of #xkcd to: KKK is now known as Hermiene

#187 (+1/-0)
<Hermiene> Here's the best summary of the human race: 'Everyone was ready, the shot went, a lot of people ran (most didn't hear the gun go off), and there was a lot of chaos. Some people were confused, others were run over and killed.'

#186 (+10/-0)
<LE4dGOLEM|83> question: does anyone here know why Italy and Ethiopia fought between WWI and WWII?
<fortitUs> Ethiopia had raptors
<fortitUs> Italy had to eliminate em

#185 (+27/-7)
< JLutovsky> deathcamp for cutie would be a completely different band, wouldnt it?

#183 (+27/-7)
-> J0ck3r has joined xkcd
J0ck3r: whats this server
fortitUs: 1337 hax
J0ck3r: ircatwork
J0ck3r: ?
fortitUs : :0
J0ck3r: how do i talk like hackker
J0ck3r: like those code
fortitUs: uh
fortitUs: try..
fortitUs: 'Hey babe, I ma gonna hack you'
J0ck3r: no man
relsqui: oh yeah, that always goes down well with the ladies
J0ck3r: like 4ax0r
J0ck3r: something like that
fortitUs: 0xDEADC0DE
fortitUs: uh
-> shadebug has joined xkcd
J0ck3r: mother fuk
J0ck3r: where to learn
Cctoide: roffle.
Cctoide: J0ck3r: try /join #0,0
Cctoide: they'll help you
relsqui: I hear that the more advanced community colleges teach it now
J0ck3r: v join ur mothers hairry pussy
shadebug: I hate walking in halfway through something funny
relsqui: haha
fortitUs: yea
fortitUs: J0ck3r
relsqui: uh, that guy is looking for a leetspeak mentor
fortitUs: to write in nice letters
relsqui: that's about all the background you need
fortitUs: simply use a convex hull
fortitUs: algorithm
shadebug: google translate does that
fortitUs: any one you want.. on the letters
fortitUs: graham scan would be nice
Cctoide: relsqui, hand him the transduced intercapacitor flux rotocator
fortitUs: lets take for example erm...
fortitUs: O
fortitUs: O is apoint so the convex hull is O itself
fortitUs: next, map the convex hull to something else
fortitUs: with equal hull.. in this case, 0
shadebug: we're talking about boats, right?
<- J0ck3r has disconnected (Quit: )

#182 (+23/-6)
< morner> apparently the mystery substance i slept in after the pub crawl, was mashed potato

#181 (+12/-4)
< morner> i was on a pub crawl
< morner> some idiot had the idea of scoring it
<%Ephphatha> it was you wasn't it
< morner> we had sheets and everything
<%Ephphatha> yep, it was you
< morner> it seemed like a good idea at the time :/

#180 (+18/-1)
-!- Katrie [katran182@hide-10E759F2.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #xkcd
<%root> Katrie!!
< Hermiene> Katrie!!
< Katrie> root!!
< Cctoide> Hermiene!!
< Katrie> Hermiene!!
< Hermiene> Cctoide!!
< Katrie> Cctoide!!
< Hermiene> root!!
<%relsqui> ROCKY!

#179 (+560/-45)
< agilman> Sea cucumbers extract oxygen from water in a pair of 'lungs' or respiratory 'trees' that branch off the cloaca just inside the anus...
< agilman> so that they 'breathe' by drawing water in through the anus and then expelling it
-!- geekable [geekable@hide-9D752E43.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #xkcd
<%relsqui> so does geekable
< geekable> geekable does what?
<%relsqui> oh nothing.
< geekable> geekable doesn't do anal, let me tell you right now
<%relsqui> ... that's ... really surprisingly appropriate to context
< agilman> wow
< agilman> yeah, thats 100% appropriate

#178 (+12/-1)
* Katrie casts summon jellyfish.
<%relsqui> ....
<%relsqui> I am creating a game system right now for the sole purpose of having that spell be in it

#177 (+108/-17)
< morner> i had a great idea about how to beat heisenberg's uncertainty principle while i was at uni today
< morner> but i confused myself while i was writing it down
<%mewyn> How do you propose to do that?
< morner> i can't remember
< Geese> Ahah
< Geese> He could know how to do it
< Geese> or he could tell you
< Geese> but not both

#176 (+33/-8)
<%shoofle> all my time in the forseeable future will be occupied by hot, sweaty sex
<blorpy> shoofle just found the animal crossing hot coffee mod

#175 (+12/-0)
<Glench> FLORP
<Glench> PANG
<Glench> OUCH!
<Wytukaze> ZANGG!
<mewyn> No, not today.

#174 (+1/-2)
<fortitUs> Lets play name - the - next prime number in increasing order pls? :D
<fortitUs> 2
<fjafjan> 3
<LE4dGOLEM|83> 5
<fjafjan> 7
<LE4dGOLEM|83> 11
<fortitUs> 13
<fjafjan> at 3+ digits this will get fun
<fjafjan> 17
<fortitUs> 23
<fortitUs> 19*
<fjafjan> WONG!
<fjafjan> *wrong, oops ^^
<fjafjan> 23
<fortitUs> ironic lol

#173 (+4/-0)
-!- taiki [taiki@hide-6C672B95.lv.lv.cox.net] has quit [Quit: AAANGST]
-!- taiki [taiki@hide-6C672B95.lv.lv.cox.net] has joined #xkcd
-!- taiki [taiki@hide-6C672B95.lv.lv.cox.net] has quit [Quit: taiki]
-!- taiki [taiki@hide-6C672B95.lv.lv.cox.net] has joined #xkcd
< taiki> having an auto login script is great.
< taiki> until yourealize you bound it to /f12, and f12 is dangerously close to backspace

#172 (+18/-5)

#171 (+95/-16)
< Cctoide> Did you hear about what happened to the tap dancer?
< Cctoide> He fell into the sink.
< Shinjay> :)
< isosceles> see the problem with sink jokes is that you're basin them on the fact that they wont drain you to hear them
< isosceles> and that's just a pipe dream
< Geese> ...
< isosceles> you have to be multifauceted in your humor
< Geese> I like you.
<Cctoide> I forgot to fill the siphon with water so isosceles' sewer gas wouldn't come back into the channel
< isosceles> in fact when making jokes about means of washing using running water, make sure ewer being culturally diverse in them too
< blorpy> and don't rush things, bidet your time
< isosceles> i'd have phrased is as: don't do it all at once, try to take it day bidet
< isosceles> but when making washing humor, i wouldn't want to agitate you with pedantry

#169 (+91/-15)
< Cctoide> :D>-<
< Cctoide> :D<-<
< Cctoide> :D|-<
< Cctoide> :D|->
< Cctoide> oops.
< Lhyzz> Now that's what I call break dancing.

#168 (+60/-14)
<esr> The problem, asd any libertarian knows, is choosing the proprtianate response.
<squinky> esr: my only knowledge of libertarianism is that all of my republican friends started calling themselves that when they realized the rest of the party didn't like them smoking pot
<esr> Unfortunately, people like blorpy have been brainwashed by leftover KGB propaganda into believing that the 'appropriate response: never implies violence under any circumstances. Because I won't go that far, peoplelike him call me 'hatte filled'. And I laugh.
<squinky> whaa?
<squinky> he was what by whom?
<mysqldatabase> Try that sentence again, this time with less typoes and a hell of a lot less crazy

#166 (+27/-8)
< vector40> I'm going to write some xkcd slash.
< vector40> 'I ran my fingers down his arrow-straight torso, noticing that our skin tones matched exactly. Two vectors in the same coordinate grid. Two legs of the same isosceles triangle. 'Complete my square,' I cried, and tossed back my very small tussle of hair.'
< vector40> I'm going to pretend the girl stick figure is a guy. wouldn't that change everything?
< vector40> all this time it's been a gay thing.

#165 (+18/-5)
< Stereo> i have a mild tendency to not care about some deity who doesn't do anything to me either way
< shadebug> stereo, but replace the word deity with mother and you suddenly get all sorts of angry phone calls about hours in labour and how you weren't brought up like that
< shadebug> I don't want those sorts of phone calls from God

#164 (+2/-3)
* shadebug has joined #xkcd
<LE4dGOLEM|83> shadebug!
<shadebug> LE4dGOLEM|83!
<shadebug> wow, out names align
<Cctoide> no they don't
<shadebug> our
<shadebug> they do on irssi
<Cctoide> ermm
<Cctoide> they're not the same amount of characters, how can they align
<LE4dGOLEM|83> ... you're not using fixedsys are you?
<Cctoide> unless you're using a non-monospaced font
<LE4dGOLEM|83> eww
<shadebug> wait
<shadebug> I'm being stupid
* Cctoide is using Fixedsys Excelsior 2.00
<shadebug> I meant that when LE4dGOLEM|83 says my name and I say his they align
<no-genius> heehee
<shadebug> retarded I must be
<no-genius> coincidence???
<shadebug> if it isn't, may God have mercy on our souls

#162 (+34/-7)
< Geese> Ugh
< Geese> Why my housemate wanted a widescreen TV is beyond me
<%relsqui> to broaden his television watching habits :D
< Geese> I hate you

#161 (+31/-10)
< Kitty> root: you see, I always wonder about people who use root as a nick on irc, it usually means one of two things a) they are ircing as root, and thus stupid b) very up their own arse!
< Kitty> oh
< Kitty> c) both
<%root> Kitty: I always wonder about people who would chastise me for using root as a nick. It usually means one of two things a) they incorrectly assume which OS I'm using, and thus stupid b) assume themselves to be superior and very up their own arse!
<%root> oh
<%root> c) both

#160 (+2/-6)
<LE4dGOLEM|83> seriously, people, get in #shakespeare, it's beginning to get scary...
<root> spammer. I'm going to have to kick you
* ChanServ sets mode: +h root
<LE4dGOLEM|83> D:

#158 (+49/-12)
<Cctoide> suggestion for the internet to fellate my organ
<root> Cctoide: Rejected. Your organ is far smaller than mine.
<Cctoide> suggestion to shut the copulation up
<Cctoide> under penalty of figurative physical aggression to sensitive area
<Cctoide> implication of homosexual tendencies
<root> Exaggerated outrage at a perfectly normal lifestyle choice combined with insults suggesting your limited perspective and tendency towards prejudice.
<Cctoide> Imperative suggestion to kindly go partake in self-fornication, with addendum stating to create mental images of me copulating with your maternal parental unit while doing so
<root> Comparison of your intellect and maturity to those of a womp rat with the suggestion that you attain basic levels of literacy.
<Cctoide> Implication that you possess the qualities of the french word for shower
<root> Defense of the French as an advanced culture which you continue to struggle to understand. Conclusion that your logic is flawed and that your grammar is poor.
<Cctoide> Suggestion to cease talking followed by implication that you are a simian who enjoys eating milk derivates
<Cctoide> Suggestion that root's answer is taking excessive amounts of time to write due to below-average cerebral abilities

#157 (+6/-4)
< Cctoide> I'll have to spout http://www.chiliahedron.com/xkcdb/?149 around
< Hermiene> You're OBSESSED with that thing!
< Hermiene> You should seek help, Cctoide.
< Cctoide> http://www.chiliahedron.com/xkcdb/?149
* Cctoide has a stroke

[ http://xkcdb.com/149 is the updated URL. Also, it wasn't. --Ed. ]

#156 (+20/-5)
<%shoofle> what happens if you take the blue pill with alcohol?
<%shoofle> you get transported out of the matrix into a blind, drunken rage

#154 (+23/-6)
< morner> i don't remember how i learned about it
< morner> probably because i was a morbid child
< morner> i used to read books on war death statistics
< morner> lots of russians died, i can tell you that much
< agilman> psycho
< paxsboy> No kidding.
< morner> i'm pretty sure that's a perfectly natural phase
< morner> right?
< morner> you all had that, didn't you?

#153 (+31/-7)
* relsqui checks lastlog and sees that she just missed root
<%relsqui> darnit.
< f8> he went to a meeting
<%relsqui> so I see.
< ActionJackson> Meeting means he went to go take a poop
<%relsqui> no, 'I'm going to consult my lawyer' means he went to take a poop
< f8> his lawyer must put up with a lot of shit...

#152 (+26/-9)
< agilman> the future mother of my children is going to draw me, anime style!
< f8> agilman: have you found her yet, or is this a requirement?
< agilman> f8: yeah, she is cute as a button.
< f8> agilman: you mean she's hot?
< f8> either that or you are gross
< agilman> no, she is not hot, but she is very nice
< agilman> to most people, that reads 'She is fat'
< f8> fat people need love too
< agilman> she has some meat on the bones, but she's not fat.
< f8> she's healthy
< f8> I like healthy women
< f8> a little overweight is better than underweight
< f8> imo
< Wergoheb> Indeed
< Wergoheb> you can be all like *bambambambam* and they won't be all like *shatter*

#150 (+14/-0)
< jon> everything sounds victorian when you don't really know european history at all

#149 (+32/-15)
<Hermiene> That penis thing is awesome.

#148 (+7/-1)
<root> You know what amazes me?
<Hermiene> My penis?
<Geese> Velcro?
<Hermiene> I mean, vagina?
<Cctoide> The internet?
<Hermiene> Velcro /is/ awesome.
<Geese> Self-cleaning windows?
<root> For how realistic Gran Turismo 4 is, you still have people insisting that you can't learn how to drive from a video game.
<Cctoide> Penis *and* vaginas?

#147 (+6/-0)
<Cctoide> you're rolling on the ground failing out loud

#146 (+6/-0)
<%root> Yay! I'm the only person in #someonewhocares!
< robt3hpirate> no one cares =p
<%shoofle> well, I can't join

#145 (+1/-4)
< Cctoide> #someonewhocares
< Cctoide> Oh crap, a new meme
<%root> I'm there!
< jon> if there is you do not want to see it
<%root> I'm in #someonewhocares
< Cctoide> There are lions and octothorpes in #someonewhocares
<%root> OMG, I totally rule!
< Cctoide> #someonewhocares is the house of suck
< f8> oh my!
< Cctoide> and hockey pucks
<%root> Cctoide: And you wish you had some too
< Cctoide> who also happen to suck
< robt3hpirate> Cctoide: to bad you can't get in there =[

#143 (+4/-2)
<Glench> agilman, I downloaded it illegaly for the internet
<root> 'for' the internet?
<jon> he also got it signed by al gore
<Glench> yes
<jon> pretty awesome present
<Glench> why would I download it for myself?
<Cctoide> the internet doesn't need presents
<Cctoide> except maybe for a girl internet
<Cctoide> but a blow-up doll internet will do too
<Glench> the internet: not a leafblower

#142 (+2/-0)
<%root> < Cctoide> <root> < Cctoide> <robt3hpirate> <root> < Cctoide> <root> < Cctoide> <robt3hpirate> <Cctoide> <root> <relsqui> <%root> < Cctoide> oh crap, another recursive quote <relsqui> okay guys, it's starting to be spam. :P
<%relsqui> seriously.
< robt3hpirate> <root> < Cctoide> <root> < Cctoide> <robt3hpirate> <root> < Cctoide> <root> <Cctoide> <robt3hpirate> <Cctoide> <root> <relsqui> <%root> < Cctoide> oh crap, another recursive quote <relsqui> okay guys, it's starting to be spam. :P
< Cctoide> srsly??!?!
<%relsqui> kicking on the next one.
<%root> < robt3hpirate> <root> < Cctoide> <root> < Cctoide> <robt3hpirate> <root> < Cctoide> <root> < Cctoide> <robt3hpirate> <Cctoide> <root> <relsqui> <%root> < Cctoide> oh crap, another recursive quote <relsqui> okay guys, it's starting to be spam. :P
<%root> 8)
<%relsqui> yeah, can't kick root.
<%relsqui> s/can't/I can't/

#140 (+7/-0)
<Cctoide> your mother was a UFO
<Cctoide> she landed in my backyard
<Cctoide> and I went to meet the martians
<Cctoide> I could not resist but take them to our leader
<Cctoide> they shook hands and there was an epiphany in both worlds
<Cctoide> if you catch my drift
<Glench> I will catch your drift all night long if you get my meaning.

#139 (+0/-5)
< Cctoide> hey, there's a UFO outside
<%shoofle_-_-> Cctoide: ooooh, get me one
< Cctoide> wait, it's an IFO :(
<%shoofle_-_-> awwww
<%root> wait, it's a bird
<%root> wait, it's a plane
<%root> wait, it's superman!
< Cctoide> (Infinitely Fucking Object)

#138 (+10/-2)
* Cctoide spins
* Cctoide blinks
* Cctoide splinks
<Cctoide> oh crap, I have to see a doctor
<root> Cctoide: I'm a doctor.
<root> A doctor of loooooooooooooooooooooooove
<h4r7br4kr> multihead powers -- activate!
* Cctoide stabs root in the groin multiple times
<Cctoide> relsqui: where? take them out!
<root> Cctoide: Don't you think it's a little early for foreplay?
<h4r7br4kr> ooh, gilmore girls is on!
<Cctoide> this channel is /so/ random.
<root> h4r7br4kr's an FBI agent!

#136 (+10/-0)
< Cctoide> stop fondling your balls, root
< Cctoide> (I'm going to kill myself if that shows up as my stats quote)
* root hacks stat-bitch


<%relsqui> it's not chan stats, but: http://www.chiliahedron.com/xkcdb/?136
< Cctoide> rargh!
* Cctoide staples relsqui with a context
<%relsqui> there was context?

#135 (+69/-12)
<Cctoide> the relsqui-alarm is sounding
<relsqui> weeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooooweeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooo
* relsqui spins
* relsqui blinks
<relsqui> (I don't even know what you're talking about, I was just amused by the idea of being an alarm)

#134 (+2/-1)
* root is now known as root_has_cried_and_his_makeup_
<Cctoide> NICKLEN'd!

#132 (+48/-10)
< isosceles> time to kill him, web 2.0 style
< isosceles> with Murdr

#131 (+20/-6)
< morner> there's nothing good about gentoo
< morner> (or anything that's not debian)
<%relsqui> I dunno, I'm pretty fond of oxygen

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