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#157 (+6/-4)
< Cctoide> I'll have to spout http://www.chiliahedron.com/xkcdb/?149 around
< Hermiene> You're OBSESSED with that thing!
< Hermiene> You should seek help, Cctoide.
< Cctoide> http://www.chiliahedron.com/xkcdb/?149
* Cctoide has a stroke

[ http://xkcdb.com/149 is the updated URL. Also, it wasn't. --Ed. ]

#156 (+20/-5)
<%shoofle> what happens if you take the blue pill with alcohol?
<%shoofle> you get transported out of the matrix into a blind, drunken rage

#154 (+23/-6)
< morner> i don't remember how i learned about it
< morner> probably because i was a morbid child
< morner> i used to read books on war death statistics
< morner> lots of russians died, i can tell you that much
< agilman> psycho
< paxsboy> No kidding.
< morner> i'm pretty sure that's a perfectly natural phase
< morner> right?
< morner> you all had that, didn't you?

#153 (+31/-7)
* relsqui checks lastlog and sees that she just missed root
<%relsqui> darnit.
< f8> he went to a meeting
<%relsqui> so I see.
< ActionJackson> Meeting means he went to go take a poop
<%relsqui> no, 'I'm going to consult my lawyer' means he went to take a poop
< f8> his lawyer must put up with a lot of shit...

#152 (+26/-9)
< agilman> the future mother of my children is going to draw me, anime style!
< f8> agilman: have you found her yet, or is this a requirement?
< agilman> f8: yeah, she is cute as a button.
< f8> agilman: you mean she's hot?
< f8> either that or you are gross
< agilman> no, she is not hot, but she is very nice
< agilman> to most people, that reads 'She is fat'
< f8> fat people need love too
< agilman> she has some meat on the bones, but she's not fat.
< f8> she's healthy
< f8> I like healthy women
< f8> a little overweight is better than underweight
< f8> imo
< Wergoheb> Indeed
< Wergoheb> you can be all like *bambambambam* and they won't be all like *shatter*

#150 (+14/-0)
< jon> everything sounds victorian when you don't really know european history at all

#149 (+32/-15)
<Hermiene> That penis thing is awesome.

#148 (+7/-1)
<root> You know what amazes me?
<Hermiene> My penis?
<Geese> Velcro?
<Hermiene> I mean, vagina?
<Cctoide> The internet?
<Hermiene> Velcro /is/ awesome.
<Geese> Self-cleaning windows?
<root> For how realistic Gran Turismo 4 is, you still have people insisting that you can't learn how to drive from a video game.
<Cctoide> Penis *and* vaginas?

#147 (+6/-0)
<Cctoide> you're rolling on the ground failing out loud

#146 (+6/-0)
<%root> Yay! I'm the only person in #someonewhocares!
< robt3hpirate> no one cares =p
<%shoofle> well, I can't join

#145 (+1/-4)
< Cctoide> #someonewhocares
< Cctoide> Oh crap, a new meme
<%root> I'm there!
< jon> if there is you do not want to see it
<%root> I'm in #someonewhocares
< Cctoide> There are lions and octothorpes in #someonewhocares
<%root> OMG, I totally rule!
< Cctoide> #someonewhocares is the house of suck
< f8> oh my!
< Cctoide> and hockey pucks
<%root> Cctoide: And you wish you had some too
< Cctoide> who also happen to suck
< robt3hpirate> Cctoide: to bad you can't get in there =[

#143 (+4/-2)
<Glench> agilman, I downloaded it illegaly for the internet
<root> 'for' the internet?
<jon> he also got it signed by al gore
<Glench> yes
<jon> pretty awesome present
<Glench> why would I download it for myself?
<Cctoide> the internet doesn't need presents
<Cctoide> except maybe for a girl internet
<Cctoide> but a blow-up doll internet will do too
<Glench> the internet: not a leafblower

#142 (+2/-0)
<%root> < Cctoide> <root> < Cctoide> <robt3hpirate> <root> < Cctoide> <root> < Cctoide> <robt3hpirate> <Cctoide> <root> <relsqui> <%root> < Cctoide> oh crap, another recursive quote <relsqui> okay guys, it's starting to be spam. :P
<%relsqui> seriously.
< robt3hpirate> <root> < Cctoide> <root> < Cctoide> <robt3hpirate> <root> < Cctoide> <root> <Cctoide> <robt3hpirate> <Cctoide> <root> <relsqui> <%root> < Cctoide> oh crap, another recursive quote <relsqui> okay guys, it's starting to be spam. :P
< Cctoide> srsly??!?!
<%relsqui> kicking on the next one.
<%root> < robt3hpirate> <root> < Cctoide> <root> < Cctoide> <robt3hpirate> <root> < Cctoide> <root> < Cctoide> <robt3hpirate> <Cctoide> <root> <relsqui> <%root> < Cctoide> oh crap, another recursive quote <relsqui> okay guys, it's starting to be spam. :P
<%root> 8)
<%relsqui> yeah, can't kick root.
<%relsqui> s/can't/I can't/

#140 (+7/-0)
<Cctoide> your mother was a UFO
<Cctoide> she landed in my backyard
<Cctoide> and I went to meet the martians
<Cctoide> I could not resist but take them to our leader
<Cctoide> they shook hands and there was an epiphany in both worlds
<Cctoide> if you catch my drift
<Glench> I will catch your drift all night long if you get my meaning.

#139 (+0/-5)
< Cctoide> hey, there's a UFO outside
<%shoofle_-_-> Cctoide: ooooh, get me one
< Cctoide> wait, it's an IFO :(
<%shoofle_-_-> awwww
<%root> wait, it's a bird
<%root> wait, it's a plane
<%root> wait, it's superman!
< Cctoide> (Infinitely Fucking Object)

#138 (+10/-2)
* Cctoide spins
* Cctoide blinks
* Cctoide splinks
<Cctoide> oh crap, I have to see a doctor
<root> Cctoide: I'm a doctor.
<root> A doctor of loooooooooooooooooooooooove
<h4r7br4kr> multihead powers -- activate!
* Cctoide stabs root in the groin multiple times
<Cctoide> relsqui: where? take them out!
<root> Cctoide: Don't you think it's a little early for foreplay?
<h4r7br4kr> ooh, gilmore girls is on!
<Cctoide> this channel is /so/ random.
<root> h4r7br4kr's an FBI agent!

#136 (+10/-0)
< Cctoide> stop fondling your balls, root
< Cctoide> (I'm going to kill myself if that shows up as my stats quote)
* root hacks stat-bitch


<%relsqui> it's not chan stats, but: http://www.chiliahedron.com/xkcdb/?136
< Cctoide> rargh!
* Cctoide staples relsqui with a context
<%relsqui> there was context?

#135 (+69/-12)
<Cctoide> the relsqui-alarm is sounding
<relsqui> weeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooooweeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooo
* relsqui spins
* relsqui blinks
<relsqui> (I don't even know what you're talking about, I was just amused by the idea of being an alarm)

#134 (+2/-1)
* root is now known as root_has_cried_and_his_makeup_
<Cctoide> NICKLEN'd!

#132 (+48/-10)
< isosceles> time to kill him, web 2.0 style
< isosceles> with Murdr

#131 (+20/-6)
< morner> there's nothing good about gentoo
< morner> (or anything that's not debian)
<%relsqui> I dunno, I'm pretty fond of oxygen

#130 (+47/-10)
<Cctoide> This is going to end with a special kind of poker.
<Cctoide> Whether it's 'strip' or 'cattle' is still up for discussion.

#129 (+13/-4)
<root> I'd still be standing there if it weren't for that janitor
<root> He bravely came along, flipped on the hallway lights and said 'What are you doing here!??!! We're closed!'

#128 (+0/-3)
<Cctoide> He looks like Master Chief with the helmet on
<f8> Master Shake
<Geese> MY NAME IS
<Cctoide> geese
<Geese> Oh yeah right

#127 (+1/-1)
* jon has joined #xkcd
<jon> o hi
<LE4dGOLEM|83> j n
<LE4dGOLEM|83> o

#126 (+26/-7)
< Katrie> http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k287/katrie_d/Me/DSC01133.jpg
< agilman> Katrie: DAMN GURL, I'd tap that
<%blorpy> agilman: the keyboard?
<%blorpy> heyo
< agilman> yeah man!
< agilman> asian girls don't like me :(
< agilman> Katrie: have you ever been with a gaijin before?
<%blorpy> uh, she doesn't look japanese
< Katrie> no, but that's not a Chinese term.
<%blorpy> this is probably why asian girls don't like you, agilman :P

#125 (+7/-0)
* Cctoide revs up the livejournal
<Cctoide> <livejournal>*VROOOOOM VROOOOOM*
<Cctoide> <livejournal>*VROOOOOM*
<Cctoide> ... sorry.
<Cctoide> I forgot to take my mads
<%relsqui> lj so does not vroom
<%relsqui> I bet it's electric 8)
<Cctoide> it runs on goth teenagers
<%relsqui> s/goth/emo/
<Cctoide> it does 6 emos per post
<Cctoide> not bad fuel efficiency

#124 (+0/-1)
<Cctoide> Quotes that end in '...' = good
<relsqui> (it's worded a lot better than that)
<Cctoide> Like such:
<relsqui> ...
<Cctoide> \o/

#122 (+64/-12)
< Cctoide> I want a microwave oven that goes 'dun dun DONE'

#120 (+55/-11)
<Katrie> in one dream there were these really big crablike creatures
<Katrie> but they had legs like spiders
<Katrie> and I was wrestling with one
<Katrie> and one of them bit me in the ass.
<Katrie> :(
<Cctoide> I read sexuality into that.
<Glench> me too
* Cctoide high-freuds Glench

#118 (+15/-0)
<blorpy> stupid putty is like chin putty or silly putty. but not.
<mewyn> What's its bounce factor?
<blorpy> more bounce per ounce
<mewyn> That's a good factor.

#117 (+13/-0)
<%root> whine whine whine
<%root> bitch bitch bitch
<%root> moan moan moan
<%root> complain complain complain
<%root> I have the world's smallest lisp machine right here and guess who it's tail recursing for.

#116 (+75/-13)
< jon> 42/m/fbi

#115 (+37/-8)
< robt3hpirate> if anyone wants to see a good documentary, they should consider acquiring this film is not yet rated
< CodenameROFL> whats it about?
< robt3hpirate> the mpaa's rating system
< robt3hpirate> and things of that nature
< robt3hpirate> its good
< robt3hpirate> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0493459/
< CodenameROFL> ok
< robt3hpirate> after i saw this i was like this is amusing, what other artform do they rate like this
< robt3hpirate> and music they sort of do it
< robt3hpirate> but a friend and i are like, we should go out and start rating books
< robt3hpirate> be like SORRY HARRY POTTER BUY YOU GET A PG-13 RATING
< robt3hpirate> *but
< robt3hpirate> it seems nuts too, that people would rate anything other than movies too
< robt3hpirate> but the logistics of rating books would suck
< robt3hpirate> i'd have to read a lot of books
< robt3hpirate> plus then i'd also rate religous texts
< robt3hpirate> and people would get angry
< robt3hpirate> cause when they are like the bible shouldn't be rated R
< robt3hpirate> i'd be like, they viscously tortured, beat, and killed a man
< robt3hpirate> how is that at all acceptable for children?
< robt3hpirate> plus you'd have to edit out mary magdalene
< robt3hpirate> sorry but prostitution is not acceptable

#113 (+44/-9)
<%schoofle> CSS isn't so powerful
<%schoofle> I mean, it's great and stuff
< bumbles> but you can't invade Poland with it.
<%relsqui> or CAN you ...
< bumbles> poland {
< bumbles> parent: third_reich;
< bumbles> }

#112 (+25/-5)
< Cctoide> I am looking forward to xkdvd

#111 (+376/-37)
<~xkcd> root: But I already have the brainware for solving a rubik's cube without thinking much, it's just shoe-tying
<~xkcd> in fact, I have conducted experiments wherein --
* xkcd covers shoofles ears
<~xkcd> -- I tried solving a rubik's cube while getting progressively more drunk
<%relsqui> :D did you take notes like 'two shots ... 5:25'02'
<~xkcd> yeah, I have a video :)
<~xkcd> and I found that even up to the point of near-passing-out, the drunkest I've ever been/ever plan to be, I could still solve it
<~xkcd> although I had a problem actually finding and picking it up

#110 (+69/-12)
<~xkcd> Weirdest xkcd notoriety thing yet: I had one of my best friends meet someone wearing an xkcd shirt, and he refused to believe she knew me
<~xkcd> and she was all 'we made out in high school!' and he was all 'yeah right'

#109 (+6/-2)
* f8 is now known as F11
* F11 means full screen.
* F11 is now known as f8
<AltF4> f8 needs f1...
* f8 hates f1
<f8> always jumping out in front of esc
<f8> causing help to annoy me
* xkcd is now known as SysRq
* SysRq is now known as xkcd
<f8> the least used key on my keyboard!

#108 (+13/-1)
<Socket7> women are just other people who happen to have dangily bits that i want to play with.

#107 (+114/-19)
<Cctoide> Your penis is so small, they're modeling a new iPod after it.

#106 (+173/-23)
< root> bangpaths are invalid, khmer. Learn @
< khmer> root: funny, your mother never told me bangpaths were invalid
< khmer> she definitely responded to ping
< Cctoide> Did you at least wrap your pipe before uploading your data, khmer?
< khmer> Cctoide: secure socks layer
< Cctoide> khmer: socks with putty?
< khmer> Cctoide: ssh tunnel
< root> ssh tunnel by proxy through my dad!
< root> pwned!
< f8> I tor into her

#105 (+24/-5)
< Cctoide> It's amazing how, more than ten years after IRC became widespread
< root> Cctoide: Dude. What are you talking about
< root> we have kermit!
< root> kermit rocks!
< Cctoide> I meant DCC.
< root> Screw DCC! Use kermit!
< khmer> it's not easy being #00FF00

#102 (+14/-0)
< khmer> dd if=mydick.tar.gz of=/dev/yourbutt bs=a zillion

#101 (+12/-1)
* LE4dGOLEM|83 is in disguise
< Cctoide> LE4dGOLEM|83 is LE4dGOLEM!
-!- LE4dGOLEM|83 is now known as NO_IM_NOT

#100 (+3/-14)

#99 (+12/-1)
< root> welskee: Say, check kitten fud+h2o
<%relsqui> root: I don't highlight on 'welskee' but kay

#98 (+4/-1)
< LE4dGOLEM|83> is there a letter halfway between o and i?
<%relsqui> in French there is
< Cctoide> Oi!

#97 (+50/-10)
<%shoofle> sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, I made the 512th post on the D'D forum!
<%relsqui> shoofle, that may be one of the nerdiest sentences ever


< vector40> <relsqui> I thought this was the nerdiest thing in the world: http://www.chiliahedron.com/xkcdb/?97
< vector40> now it is
<%relsqui> now it is?
< vector40> irc quoting irc quoting a website irc quote database of a nerd talking about d'd
<%relsqui> vector40: \o/
<%relsqui> I so wanna add your last couple lines to that quote
<%relsqui> recursive qdb
<%relsqui> now THAT'S nerdy
* relsqui does.

#96 (+16/-7)
< vector40> chicks - clothes = nananananananananananananananana BATMAN

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