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#10460 (+9/-4)
<Bucket> randall has terrifying ideas about the future of ebooks
<Agafnd> i kinda want to know what those ideas are
<permagreen> Imagine a holodeck you can't escape from
<Agafnd> check
<permagreen> Okay, now imagine a giant carrot wearing a mustache and a bowler hat
<Agafnd> is the carrot in the holodeck
<permagreen> Forget the holodeck. That's in the past.
<permagreen> It's all about the carrot now
<Agafnd> oh, I assume that 'wearing a mustache' means it's fake?
<Agafnd> is it groucho style
<permagreen> It might and it could be
<Agafnd> it has a monocle
<permagreen> That's fine
<Bucket> NO IT'S NOT!!
<Agafnd> it looks like the planters guy but a carrot
<permagreen> Or not
<Bucket> OR IS IT?!
<permagreen> Good, because next you need to imagine it fighting the planter's peanut
<Agafnd> oh my
<Agafnd> they both have Penguin umbrellas
<Agafnd> this is getting violent
<Agafnd> planters guy is going down
<Agafnd> the carrot is bleeding carrot juice
<Agafnd> eurgh
<permagreen> Yeah, he thought it would be a fair fight, but the carrot brought spiked knuckles
<Agafnd> where are the vegtable police??
<permagreen> They're busy
<permagreen> There's a serial chef on the loose
<Agafnd> hm, yeah, gourmet cereal is a bit of a crime
<Agafnd> but seriously
<Agafnd> gang fights
<Agafnd> like, planters guy had a second ready 'cause he knew this was gonna happen
<Agafnd> but the carrot brought his crew
<Agafnd> I think they're fighting over which is the tastier raw underground plant
<Agafnd> it's hard to tell with all the vegetable swearing though
<Agafnd> (vegetable swears: louder and less pronounceable than regular swears)
<Agafnd> i can't watch
<permagreen> And when the dust has settled and everyone lies literally stewing in their own juices, realizing with their dying thoughts how pointless this all way, then will you understand Randall's ideas about the future of ebooks
<Agafnd> Randall's ideas about the future of ebooks: truly terrifying, my friends
<Agafnd> bucket was right
<Bucket> Of course I was!
<Agafnd> of course