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#10466 (+21/-0)
* Oracle989 stares dead-eyed at his monitor
< Oracle989> My boss has a vital component of my day's work
< Oracle989> And he is not here
< Oracle989> He may be off snowboarding
< Xenos> Oracle989: Then you must be a good employee and track him down, follow him to the very room where he and his mistress are at it, if need be. You need that component.
< taixzo> "Hey, Mr. Johnson, glad I tracked you down, how's the sex, listen, I really need this component to finish this project, could you leave that on my desk please?"
< Xenos> "Oh. Mrs. Johnson says hello, she didn't know where you were either when I asked her after I didn't find you at the snowboard place. So we called your old secretary and she suggested here."