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#10474 (+6/-0)
<@relsqui> Bucket: literal[*] don't know
<+Bucket> relsqui: Here's the full list (92): http://carabiner.peeron.com/xkcd/bucket/literal_don%27t%20know.txt
<@Shrdlu> 92 is less than I expected
<@Shrdlu> did we clean it out?
<@relsqui> I don't think so, lots of old stuff in there
<@relsqui> and I had the same reaction
<@relsqui> I think we add to it frequently but usually only a couple at a time
<@aliaras> also, it's protected, innit?
<@aliaras> so it doesn't get filled with too much garbage
<@Shrdlu> yeah, I just would have guessed that *we'd* added more
<@Shrdlu> most of it not garbage, but, well <_<
* Shrdlu gently shitposts
<@relsqui> Bucket: don't know <action> gently shitposts.