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#10481 (+13/-1)
< CheshireCat> tractor pulling is a crazy-ass sport: https://youtu.be/bFzd5Wl3Bxk?t=262
< Bucket> tractor pulling is a crazy ass-sport: https://youtu.be/bFzd5Wl3Bxk?t=262
* taixzo imagines someone pulling a tractor with a chain on a buttplug
< CheshireCat> holy shit the tractor at 6:15 has dual turbochargers XD
< mrkman> taixzo: if you build it they will come
<@mewyn> Welp, good bye filibuster.
< Oracle989> mewyn, Is it official?
< taixzo> mrkman: i see what you did ther
< taixzo> e
<@mewyn> Oracle989: No, but the assholes are going to pull it.
< Oracle989> Hopefully 3 Republicans will realize how badly going nuclear backfired on the Democrats.
<@mewyn> It's all a pissing match now.
<@mewyn> They don't give a shit.
< alSeen> they chose the wrong one to make a stand on
< CheshireCat> "the assholes are going to pull it"
< CheshireCat> works for both convos happening right now