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#10483 (+7/-4)
<PoptartMechanic> I've always figured that Peach and Bowser have a relationship and that Mario just keeps trying to break them up
<PoptartMechanic> I mean, it's all a little too convenient that she gets captured over and over
<Tattoo> the only problem with that is the clear depiction of peach not wanting to be with bowser and being really glad that mario is coming
<PoptartMechanic> Tattoo: hey, she might just have a kidnapping fetish
<Tattoo> PoptartMechanic: except for the fact she's really glad when she's rescued
<PoptartMechanic> that could be a part of the fetish ;)
<alexxerth> Maybe the fetish is between her and mario, and bowser legitimately keeps stealing her, but the reason he is able to do so so often is that she just lets him
<Tattoo> fetishes don't really work that way
<alexxerth> because she wants to get stolen, that way mario can rescue her
<hppavilion1> Tattoo: I think that Mario doesn't know about the relationship
<alexxerth> if she never gets stolen then mario can't rescue her
<hppavilion1> Tattoo: She keeps saying "Ooooh... yay... thank GOD you rescued me"
<Tattoo> that goes against what is shown in the games, though
<hppavilion1> "Thanks for saving me from Bowser, I DEFINITELY wasn't enjoying myself"
<tanuki> "I certainly wasn't baking him a... cake."
<hppavilion1> "Oh, that Sybian with the leather straps I was moaning on when you showed up? Yeah... just... uh... ignore that. It was nothing."
<Tattoo> and peach doesen't to me seem like a person who would -- despite having a fetish or not -- be okay with the fact that vast swaths of sentient beings die because of this activity
<Tattoo> because mario kills /a lot/ to get to her
<Hobz> That got real kinky real quick
<Hobz> Not that there's anything wrong with that
<hppavilion1> Hobz: Thank you!
<hppavilion1> Hobz: "Um, yeah, don't go in that room... What? That doesn't sound like Rosalina at all!"
<hppavilion1> "I'm sure that that motor sound is just Bowser's... washing machine"
<alexxerth> how do luigi and daisy fit into all of this
<alexxerth> or for that matter wario and waluigi
<PoptartMechanic> luigi is just the second string to Mario's fiddle
<PoptartMechanic> kind of just there
<PoptartMechanic> though I'm sure, if there really IS a thing between Peach and the Mario Bros, they have pretty awesome threesomes
<alexxerth> ohh, actually wario lives in a legitimate urban center come to think of it.
<hppavilion1> alexxerth: Luigi is a Cuck, Daisy has gangbangs on a monthly basis, and Samus is Wario and Waluigi's mistress.
<alexxerth> what the fuck has this conversation turned into
<hppavilion1> alexxerth: ...fanfiction?
* hppavilion1 is unsure
<PoptartMechanic> my statement is only a hypothetical. After all, my assertion is that we only percieve the world as seen by a man addicted to shrooms, running around sewers collecting coins