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#10485 (+10/-2)
<seven> I remember at one housemate interview, 3 of us already lived in a 4 bedroom place, and we were trying to find a good fit, 2 german creatives and me, also a creative, in Sydney, we had a super blokey kinda judgemental guy arrive and it felt like the wrong fit, the girls were giving me signals, so while they talked to him I went in to Swantje's room and found her fingerless forearm length red
<seven> gloves, put them on, came back down and offered him a drink
<seven> putting on my most camp of camp acts
<seven> and within minutes he said he had another place at which he was going to live and left
<Kalium> Smooth
<seven> and we all had a good frkn laugh
<seven> I gayed him away :D