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#10511 (+11/-1)
<FLHerne> CO2: Even has its own wiki list https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Snaefell_Mountain_Course_fatalities
<CO2> you know, I'm someone who doesn't seek dangerous stuff for fun - so I would think that the more sane motorbike racers would skip that one race. Which makes me think there's some sort of pressure from the community to take part because it's "cool" and "everyone does it" or something
<FLHerne> CO2: It's the oldest race that still exists, and almost certainly the most famous
<FLHerne> CO2: Of course, it's largely famous for killing people
<CO2> FLHerne: if I wanted to be pedantic I'd point out there's more famous races that don't involve motorbikes
<FLHerne> Older ones, too
<barometz> The oldest were the Elves.
<CO2> new D&D character class: Biker Elf