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#10516 (+22/-0)
<CO2> PoptartMechanic: how does one mechanic a poptart?
<PoptartMechanic> well, it depends on the make and model
<PoptartMechanic> Because what's under the hood can vary
<PoptartMechanic> I mean, the S'mores poptart is very different from the strawberry Great Value toaster pastry
<Branes> The what poptart?
<PoptartMechanic> Branes: the S'mores flavored poptart
<Branes> No idea what that might be. Poptarts were taken off the market here some years ago.
<PoptartMechanic> that's a shame
<PoptartMechanic> Poptarts are the most delicious method of land transportation
<@barometz> nine out of nine nyans recommend it
<PoptartMechanic> I'm also a licensed toast aviator
<Branes> I'm more of a crumpet kind of guy.
<Bucket> taixzosnack is lemon cookies
<PoptartMechanic> lemon cookies. also a great travel method
<PoptartMechanic> but less reliable
<CO2> PoptartMechanic: do you use top parts for your pop tarts?
<PoptartMechanic> yes, yes I do