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#10581 (+17/-0)
< Kalium> Bucket: velociraptors are smaller than you think
< Bucket> Okay, Kalium.
< Kalium> wait, I forgot that Velociraptors is also a denizen.
< Kalium> I wonder what the split on those factoids is
< BytesAndCoffee> Bucket: velociraptors are the vectorized form of speedraptors
< Bucket> Okay, BytesAndCoffee.
< taixzo> velociraptors are the differential of positiraptors
< taixzo> if you differentiate them again, you get acceleraptors which are simply terrifying
< jamesl> velociraptors are speedraptors travelling in a particular direction
< Vulpes> so wait, what if you differentiate acceleraptors?
< Vulpes> do you get jerkraptors?
< Stayman> Those are the worst
< BytesAndCoffee> Stayman: they're literally jerks
< Stayman> absolute jerks. The lot of them.
< Vulpes> jerkraptors make videos on youtube where they sexually harass women and say it's a "prank"
< Vulpes> fuck jerkraptors
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< BytesAndCoffee> i love how we got from a LAR quote to "Fuck jerkraptors"
< Stayman> If you differentiate Jerkraptors you get snapraptors.
* Kalium cracks a snapraptor and shakes it until it starts to glow
< Stayman> They're like snapdragons but much more terrifying.
< BytesAndCoffee> Stayman: who are shockingly good at jazz
< jamesl> dy / d(jerkraptors)
< taixzo> but then you also have crackleraptors and popraptors
< taixzo> (Popraptors have side jobs performing at Super Bowl halftime shows)
< Vulpes> also Taylor Swift is a secret poprap- dammit taixzo
< jamesl> Taylor Swift is not only a raptor, but an awful singer
< Vulpes> the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now
< Vulpes> why?
< Vulpes> because she's been kidnapped and replaced by a secret popraptor
< jamesl> the old Taylor can't come to the phone, because she's unable to pick up the handset due to a lack of thumbs
< Vulpes> jamesl, that requires some form of fanart really
< Vulpes> Taylor Swiftraptor desperately trying to pick up a phone without opposable thumbs
< jamesl> the raptor has Taylor Swift's hair, but a raptor's head
< Vulpes> also has some kind of Taylor Swift type dress of course
< Vulpes> 45 minutes ago: a velociraptor is the differential of a positiraptor
< Vulpes> now: this shit