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#10585 (+5/-0)
* CO2_work pushes jamesl to github
<jamesl> pls CO2_werk
* Xenos pulls jamesl from github
* CO2_work makes a pull request for jamesl
<jamesl> merge changes?
<CO2_work> ya
* jamesl mergs
<Xenos> zergs
* Xenos makes some minor modifications to jamesl for the betterment of jameslkind
<jamesl> segmentation fault
* Xenos pushes jamesl to git again
<jamesl> Xenos, why do I now have a tail?
<Xenos> jamesl: Balance
* CO2_work forks jamesl
<jamesl> why do I no longer love the early 2000s
<Xenos> jamesl: Taste
<jamesl> wait, I am in CO2's body
<Xenos> jamesl: Bug
<jamesl> I have CO2's mind
<jamesl> I am CO2
<Bucket> "I Am CO2" would be a nice name for a rock band.
<jamesl> CO2 is jamesl
* Xenos gives CO2 a bigger fork
* Xenos also sharpened it first
<jamesl> wait shit, I'm a software developer
<jamesl> help
<jamesl> Bucket, IRC programming advice
<Bucket> When you can't do "provably correct", settle for "probably correct"