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#10586 (+6/-1)
* multiplexd gives Bucket lots and lots of boredom
* Bucket hands multiplexd toxins in exchange for lots and lots of boredom
* multiplexd yelps
* multiplexd gives Bucket toxins
* Bucket hands multiplexd a gay spider in exchange for toxins
<multiplexd> ...
<Bucket> [As you stare down the barrel of the gun, you hear velociraptors rustling in the bushes to your left and right.]
<multiplexd> how big is the spider
<multiplexd> i'm okay with small ones
<Lisimba> multiplexd: australia size
<multiplexd> oh SHIT
<Bucket> i forgot to install the control rods in the nuclear reactor again
* multiplexd gently puts the gay spider down and backs away slowly