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#10591 (+7/-0)
<Bucket> tuesday is for kernel compilin'
<StarfishPrime> >tfw you meet someone who does not compile at boot time
<BytesAndCoffee> #PatchTuesday
<BytesAndCoffee> >TFW you meet someone who doesn't recompile each program before running it
<StarfishPrime> >tfw you meet someone who doesn't JIT their C
<Palomides> >recompiling instead of patching binaries in memory
<Kas> >Recompiling instead of sending to Oracle for a new static binary
<BytesAndCoffee> >not using a butterfly and bare platters to run each program
<StarfishPrime> bytesandcoffee: wow captain secondary storage over here
<StarfishPrime> I have a warehouse filled with 480 TB of core memory, so I can use butterflies to patch in RAM