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#10604 (+9/-0)
<Telo> Dear Bella Italia email newsletter, please fuck off, regards James
<Telo> I really don't need eighteen emails a day saying I can get your shitty pasta for 1/3 off if I bring a group of 75 people
<Telo> Why am I even subscribed?
<Telo> Does anybody even like Bella Italia?
<Telo> Like, that's where I'd take somebody I hate to break up with them
<Agafnd> Telo: or take 75 people to break up with them
<Agafnd> Telo: it's cheaper!
<Telo> Agafnd: Perfect, I'll just save up all my breakup dinners for the rest of my life and have them all at once when I'm on my deathbed. Lifehack!
<Agafnd> Telo: also i think taking 75 people will save you the trouble of breaking up with them individually