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#10605 (+11/-1)
< taixzo> ok, so massive security vulnerability in OS X: you can log in as "root" with no password
< taixzo> this works on login screen, or in dialog prompting for admin access

<@barometz> I can't imagine finding that
< StarfishPrime> I vaguely remember this happening before
<@barometz> somehow, accidentally, you log in that way
< jamesl> I wouldn't believe it if I found it
<@barometz> and no, that can't be right, can it?
<@barometz> you try again, and yup, it works
< StarfishPrime> same thing, being able to log in without a password
<@barometz> did I break something? do I already have a virus?
<@barometz> so you reinstall the whole dang thing but no, really, what?
<@barometz> I guess I can imagine finding that