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#10606 (+20/-0)
< jamesl> what did seven say?
< cnf> jamesl: why, do you have them on ignore?
< jamesl> no, I disconnected
< taixzo> did you?
< Bucket> yes, they did
< jamesl> I don't generally /ignore people
< taixzo> you don't show as having disconnected for me
< jamesl> taixzo: from my bouncer
< taixzo> oh
< jamesl> you will never see me disconnect, apart from on the 25th when I take my server down for its Christmas break
< taixzo> you give your servers Christmas off?
< taixzo> man, some sysadmins
< jamesl> taixzo: you don't?
< jamesl> every server deserves Christmas off to spend with its hypervisor
< taixzo> of course not! my servers only get 5 minutes vacation per year.
< taixzo> which they usually take unexpectedly while I'm trying to do something important.