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#10610 (+11/-1)
<jamesl> is this the real life, is this just IRC
<jamesl> caught in a netsplit, no escape from reality
<multiplexd> connect your clients, look up to the sky and see?
<djh> I'm just a Perl boy, I need no sympathy
<multiplexd> 'cause i'm easy come, easy go
<multiplexd> loggin' in, loggin' out
<Epi> anyway the asl goes, just don't send dick pics to meee.. to mee
<multiplexd> dum dum dum duuum duuuuum
<multiplexd> dum dum dum duuum duuuuum
<djh> mama just kickbanned a man
<multiplexd> put the ban-hammer to his head
<multiplexd> pulled the trigger, now he's dead
<djh> goodbye everybody, I've got to go. Got to leave you all behind & poke the goat
*+* Mode change "+b *!~djh@*.default.djh.uk0.bigv.io" on channel #xkcd by billygoat
*<* djh has been kicked off channel #xkcd by billygoat (Goat-ed)
<Bucket> http://i.imgur.com/zPoi8Dr.gif