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#10613 (+6/-0)
<Oracle989> I think it's something to do with keeping you at your station firmly if a bomb hits you
09:52⎜<bhuddah> Rob1992: i was not talking about france ^^
<jamesl> Oracle989, so those belts cannot be undone?
<Oracle989> jamesl, Operators are permanently installed
<Oracle989> (no, they have buckles)
<jamesl> oh, I Didn't know that
<jamesl> I know they're not allowed to leave the room
<Oracle989> I think they strap in when there's an alert
<Oracle989> Or when they're drilling
<rcombs> or for a photo op
<Oracle989> Incidentally, they're sitting in a bunker 150 feet underground fully aware that there is a missile aimed at them designed to dig a 250 foot deep crater
<jamesl> Oracle989, but nukes are aimed at cities, and missile bunkers are usually in the countryside
<Oracle989> It's interesting that the US never fielded mobile ICBM launchers
<Oracle989> jamesl, Most nukes are aimed at cities
<Oracle989> Many are aimed at missile sites
<jamesl> also, what happens if you fail to arrive at a bunker before the shift change?
<Oracle989> The officers on duty presumably state at their station until relieved
<Oracle989> Same as other operators of critical equipment
<Oracle989> Like powerplant engineers
<Oracle989> s/state/stay/
<jamesl> or production line workers
<Oracle989> Production line workers remain at their station until dead
<jamesl> I meant the human ones
<Oracle989> I did too
<jamesl> oh