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#10615 (+5/-0)
<bubo> ah gotta love 'natural' cleaning products
<bubo> we got a whole bottle as a sample (didnt ask for it) and it's all like oh it's easier to clean when you can breathe, housemate gets dizzy from fumes, and the fumes kill a moth
<IronAngel> a lot of "natural" stuff is really friggin toxic
<bubo> I am fully aware of this
<browncoat> 100% organic toxins!
<kazitor> browncoat: I mean, I expect most toxins to be organic
<kazitor> apart from, like, arsenic
<browncoat> Yeah
<kazitor> I always try to call people out when they talk about organic stuff
<BytesAndCoffee> "its organic! it must be good for you!"
<kazitor> All organic stuff is healthy, that's why I drink a litre of crude oil every day
<browncoat> Haha, yeah, most food is actually organic :P
<browncoat> Except for salt?
<browncoat> And most food contains salt...
<BytesAndCoffee> browncoat: also rocket league players
<BytesAndCoffee> so much salt