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#10625 (+9/-0)
<multiplexd> oh, also: https://irssi.org/security/irssi_sa_2018_01.txt
<taixzo> multiplexd: hmm. I clicked on that link and Firefox crashed.
<multiplexd> taixzo: ...
<Bucket> [You suddenly realize it is unnaturally quiet.]
<multiplexd> taixzo: what??
<taixzo> multiplexd: no idea why. That said, Firefox has been crashing for me every couple days ever since the Quantum update, on both Linux and OSX.
<jamesl> taixzo: see after Quantum was installed, Firefox is always in a superposition of not crashing and crashing. Whenever you observe firefox, you collapse the waveform and force it to become crashed or not crashed
<jamesl> (this is also how Firefox Quantum speeds up browsing. It creates a superposition where you HAVE clicked on a link, and when you HAVEN'T, so really the page was always loaded and by observing it you cause it to be displayed)