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#10631 (+9/-0)
< jamesl> bucket, I am androgynous
< Bucket> Okay, jamesl
< jamesl> she/her didn't work out for me
< CO2> if you could only switch physical sex as easily as bucket gender
< taixzo> CO2: new silicon valley company idea - interchangeable genitals
< Kalium> Hot swappable USB-C junk
< CO2> welcome to the Culture I guess
< CO2> where the penis was inside you all along
< Kalium> CO2: would that be like, reversible
< Kalium> so you always have both but you just flip it around, like those screwdriver bits
< jamesl> Kalium: "for 20 years, AMD have been connecting people together digitally. Now, we aim to do so physically."
< jamesl> that sounds more like the Human Centipede though
< taixzo> Kalium: the male end of a reversible thing would have to be larger than the female end for compactness, but obviously that doesn't interlock correctly with a second unit
< Kalium> taixzo: inflatables?
< taixzo> hmm, that could work
< Kalium> Inflate with blood, like we do anyways
< Kalium> oh god is the michelin man just full of blood