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#10650 (+1/-1)
* Xenos buys a load of spam, rebrands as Canned Mermaid Meat, sells on amazon
<Agafnd> Xenos: predicted review: ★★★★★ i didn't like the taste but it gave me the power to breathe underwater
<Xenos> Agafnd: hehe
<Agafnd> ★ tastes nothing like fresh mermaid
<Xenos> *** Great taste, but why do I have flippers now?
<CatButts> I'm hungry
<Bucket> It's ok, Agafnd is making pancakes!
<Agafnd> ✨✨✨✨✨ maaagical flavor
* Agafnd makes mermaid pancakes
<Xenos> ***** Turns out Ariel was indeed tasty, wh oknew?
<Xenos> *who knew
<Agafnd> Xenos: turns out on the surface they WILL beat you, fry you and eat you in fricassee
<Xenos> Agafnd: Indeed