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#4664 (+137/-29)
< snark> okay, so there are these two prawns swimming in the ocean
< snark> one named Justin, and one named Christian. And they are constantly terrorised by sharks
< snark> so one day, they're swimming around, and Justin turns to Christian and says
< snark> "I'm so sick of being terrorised by sharks. They seem to have it so easy. I wish I was a shark."
< snark> and right then, a magical cod appears and says "Your wish is granted! You are now a shark!"
< snark> Lo and behold, Justin is transformed into a shark. Of course, Christian is terrified, and swims away as fast as he can.
< snark> So Justin enjoys himself for a while, being the biggest fish in the sea and whatnot
< snark> but eventually he grows lonely. All his old friends are scared of him
< snark> So one day, he sees the cod again! He can't believe his luck. He goes up to the cod, and he says "Please, can you turn me back into a prawn? I'm so lonely..."
< snark> and, Lo and behold! The cod turns him back into a prawn!
< snark> Delighted, he calls a big party and has cocktails with all his shrimp friends. But he notices something at the party.
< snark> His friend Christian is missing. "Where's Christian?" he asks.
< Nikc> Prawns eating shrimp cocktails?
< snark> yes, it is an abomination
< snark> and they say "He thinks this is all a trick, he's locked up at home.
< snark> So Justin goes and knocks on Christian's door, and says "Please, come out and talk, I've changed back!"
< snark> and Christian yells out "No! You're a shark! I won't fall for this!"
< snark> "No! That was the old me! I've changed! I found cod, I'm a prawn again, Christian!"