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#5959 (+38/-9)
google (~Jordan@hide-68A9B0E7.sttlwa.fios.verizon.net) has joined #xkcd-flu
<MBD123> Hello Google
<google> hey
<MBD123> r u da reel googles?
<google> the one and only
<google> ruler of the internet, etc.
<MBD123> Cool! I had a dream you guys tried to build a bridge across the Pacific ocean!
<google> its a tunnel actually
<MBD123> Are there gas stations with little adsense screens that display while you're filling your car?
<google> the adsense screens are holographic
<google> and they float just in the corner of your vision
<MBD123> Cool. The tunnel's nice and sturdy, right. Because in my dream the bridge kept collapsing once you guys had built it out into the water about 1000 feet
<google> oh yeah its totally solid
<google> btw about the gas stations
<MBD123> Yes?
<google> we were gonna have them do gas, diesel, and hydrogen
<google> but the marketing guys decided that the only buttons would be "gas" and "i
<google> 'm feeling lucky"
<MBD123> Intriguing. What does I'm feeling lucky do?
<google> searches for your model of car and gives you the first thing that comes up in terms for fuel keywords
<google> hopefully its right
<MBD123> That's a good idea. Has the tunnel actually been built or is it under construction?
<google> it has been built
<google> but we're adding multiple layers
<google> because traffic is basically a given
<google> the second we have a press release about it everyones gonna be like "OH SWEET. let me drive over the pacific ocean"
<MBD123> Kewl, so are you going to change "Kayak across the Pacific Ocean" to something that has to do with the tunnel. You know, in Google Earth?
<google> probably yeah
<google> maybe not with walking directions
<MBD123> That's awesome