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#73 (+9/-0)
< Andross> I built a dick keyboard once
< Andross> cybering with it was far too exhausting
< ther3> and a bit sticky
< Andross> naw
< Andross> I had a reservoir tip for that
< Andross> it was a thrust based controller
< Andross> worked sort of like a rotary phone
< Andross> go in to the proper letter, and then pull back to input it
< Andross> you could go all the way in to backspace
< Andross> I could do about 50wpm, but then the tip burst...
<%relsqui> so it was a bit like playing a trom-bone 8)
< Andross> heh
< Andross> I wonder if I could build a Kegel-based controller for ladies