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#7444 (+23/-2)
< MissingNo> Bucket: literal insult
< Bucket> insult (protected) <reply> What?! Same to you, $who!|<reply> NINNYHAMMER!|<reply> JOBBERNOWL!|<reply> GOWK!|<reply> WITLING!|<reply> CACAFUEGO!|<reply> FANFARON!|<reply> GASCONADER!|<reply> RODOMONTADE!|<reply> BLATHERSKITE!|<reply> You have a pretty green hat!|<reply> You are a butterfly's leg!|<reply> You are the kindest of all people with the softest of knees.|<reply> Fart-chicken!|1 more
<@relsqui> are those insults or pokemon?