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#7561 (+335/-13)
<puddle>Where do you sign up to participate in a psychological study, anyway?
<snark> puddle: you've been participating in one for several months
<puddle> snark: What
<snark> puddle: easy way to do it is sign onto irc.foonetic.net
<puddle> snark: Oh no
<puddle> snark: Are you one of the scientists?
<puddle> snark: Can you tell me what you've concluded so far?
<snark> or am I just a stooge?
<snark> is this reality?
<snark> or is it just fantasy?
<DarkLoad> Caught in a landslide
<Bucket> No escape from reality.
<YFNH> Open your eyes.
<Bucket> Look up to the skies and see
<LolCam> open your eyes
<Bucket> Look up to the skies and see
<DarkLoad> I'm just a poor boy
<Bucket> You need no sympathy
<YFNH> I'm just a poor boy!
<Bucket> You need no sympathy
<fedora> Easy come
<mint> STOP
<DarkLoad> easy go
<LolCam> Little high
<mint> Oh smeg.
<puddle> little low
<DarkLoad> little low
<lieuwe> wtf?
<Beelzebub> little low
<fedora> Any way the wind blows
<Bucket> Doesn't really matter to me
<YFNH> Take me where the wind blows.
<puddle> to meeeeeeeee
<LolCam> Mama, just killed a maaaan
<fedora> put a gun against his head
<LolCam> pulled my trigger now he's dead
<DarkLoad> pulled the trigger now he's head
<LolCam> mamaaaaa life had just begun
<snark> puddle: to answer your question, I have concluded a great many things about the predictability and manipulability of large groups of likeminded people.