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#7768 (+6/-0)
<practisevoodoo> oh no! they have revealed the identity of the stig! you know what this means
<ellipsis> practisevoodoo: that we won't know who the stig is
<practisevoodoo> bbqq I know! but this means we have to have a NEW stig
<bbqq> practisevoodoo; or they just start introducing him as ben collins, the stig.
<ellipsis> bbqq: impossible, the stig is not a person, it's ... the stig
<practisevoodoo> the stig can only exist in a state of quantum flux where we can either know what show he is on or his name but not both
<torpedo> bbqq: No, it's in the Stig's contract that if his identity is revealed, he must resign
<bbqq> ellipsis, I have the big poster with all the stig quotes when they introduce him on :)
<torpedo> That's why Black Stig's no longer with us
<torpedo> So White Stig's gonna "die" and they'll replace him with Stig III
<practisevoodoo> killed the last one off when he drove off an aircraft carrier
<sheepbat> I want a pink stig
<sheepbat> ..but then it could only be Sabine
<practisevoodoo> sheepbat, you mean the stigs gay cousin?
<torpedo> I bet some friends that the next Stig will be blue
<sheepbat> i'm thinking gray
<coaxmetal> Battle Angel Alita stig?
<practisevoodoo> well the last 1st one was #000000, this one was #ffffff, logically stig 3 will be #888888
<ellipsis> you know, with The Stig revealed, I guess Top Gear now has to do a ... Stig shift