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#8131 (+156/-6)
<mysss> with whom I have an unfinished game of IRC correspondance chess
<mysss> which, btw, is the best way to play chess ever
<coaxmetal> Knight to 17Q
<Brooklynxman> King me. BINGO!
<mysss> you sunk my star destroyer!
<coaxmetal> Knight takes battleship, do not pass go, do not collect 200$
<vebyast> I cast magic missile at the Red Queen.
<dinosplosion> I seduce black's kobold
<ReishGaluta> My Hungry Hippo devours your pawn. That's 4-in-a-row.
<Brooklynxman> full house, I checkmate your ace of spades
<ReishGaluta> My knight chases away your black pawn, and I steal a wood from your hand.
<coaxmetal> Ok, I get 3 wheat and 2 stone this turn, so I roll 3D20's and change the color to Green. Uno.
<paratus> knight to queen's rook seven. touchdown.
<ReishGaluta> Go fish.
* Bucket somehow manages to strangle himself with the fishing wire
<dinosplosion> I see your knight, and raise you a Charizard. CHEAT.
<coaxmetal> Queen evolves into Col. Mustard
<Brooklynxman> base's loaded, out of mana, 4th quarter, and 2 rooks in the pocket
<coaxmetal> I see your bet with a 6-pool
<vebyast> "Give me ten seconds to finish promoting my straights to flushes and I'll be right there to help out with the zerglings."
<coaxmetal> actually, I don't play zerg
<ReishGaluta> Black Bishop. Corner Pocket.
<coaxmetal> Rook takes the flag. FINISH HIM.
<Brooklynxman> I have a pair of 2's. I role to bluff
* ReishGaluta rolls three 6's and conquers all of Asia. Yahtzee!
<vebyast> "D5". "That's a hit, so white pawn takes black bishop and you get a monster kill."
* Brooklynxman invades via yakutusk, sacraficing 3 pawns and a battleship
<ReishGaluta> strike 3, my bowler takes your pins. Headshot.
<Stereo> hang on, i've got a full house! snap!
<ReishGaluta> We're running low on supply centers! I'm sending my destroyer out rupee hunting.
<Stereo> the last marine is dancing a jig in the blood of slain rooks! uno!
<Stereo> show me the way to go... home
<vebyast> I'm going to tap my full house for three hearts and two spades, then spend one of the hearts to get out of jail free and the rest to call the top hat in the middle pocket.
<ReishGaluta> cheater
<ReishGaluta> you can't tap a full house for 3 hearts and 2 spades.
<Stereo> not unless you're sitting on a double decker
<Stereo> in the middle of berlin, in 1942
<coaxmetal> Zealot to B3, spends 3 bricks and 2 wheat to spawn Boardwalk Ave. Critical hit.
<ReishGaluta> I thought we were playing under Paris conventions!
<ReishGaluta> that explicitly disallows double-decking, and board-sliding.
* ReishGaluta grabs the Calvinball and goes home.
<Stereo> home may be base, but you can't score that way
<ReishGaluta> depends who's home
<Stereo> anyway, you can board slide if the top hat's in the middle pocket, and you've got a spare sheep
<Stereo> you just have to sacrifice a can of soup to the salvation army
<Stereo> and pray on soulcake tuesday
<coaxmetal> If you bamboozle the Calimari, You can take Marinaris valley without spending any sick leave
* Lorvan uses 2 Venus Djinn to summon Ramses, one of the pyramids is destroyed
<Stereo> then it's a clean sweep! i load 3 second edition dogeared copies of Harry Potter into the mousecapult, three parcheesi tokens advance on The Red Dragon, and kaput!
< coaxmetal> I am just making stuff up now