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#97 (+50/-10)
<%shoofle> sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, I made the 512th post on the D'D forum!
<%relsqui> shoofle, that may be one of the nerdiest sentences ever


< vector40> <relsqui> I thought this was the nerdiest thing in the world: http://www.chiliahedron.com/xkcdb/?97
< vector40> now it is
<%relsqui> now it is?
< vector40> irc quoting irc quoting a website irc quote database of a nerd talking about d'd
<%relsqui> vector40: \o/
<%relsqui> I so wanna add your last couple lines to that quote
<%relsqui> recursive qdb
<%relsqui> now THAT'S nerdy
* relsqui does.