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#10504 (+4/-1)
< jamesl> Bananas!
< grawity> Bananas!
< jamesl> Bananas!

#10503 (+10/-0)
< Bucket> Bananas!
< eezo> hahaha
< eezo> surprise pillowfight :D

< eezo> eep!
* eezo falls over
<@relsqui> eezo: constant vigilance.

#10501 (+11/-0)
< arble> Bananas!
* grep is here to serve.
* tonyb486 pipes a lot of data through grep
* grep works very, very hard.
* taixzo is now picturing a linux console where the various commands become sentient and try to convince you to use them
< arble> have you tried GREP, John Anderton?
< grep> taixzo: Pick me! Pick me! I'm a good utility!
< tonyb486> Bananas!
< arble> Bananas!
< tonyb486> or busybox or whatever the hell comes with solaris
< arble> Bananas!
* moony is now picturing a linux console where the various commands become sentient and try to convince you to use them as well
< taixzo> grep: but awk would be so much better for this task...
< grep> tonyb486: Why are you so eager to see my innards? I like being kept in one piece!
* moony doesnt use any of them, and writes everything he needs in Rust instead
< grep> taixzo: But... but... I'm good... at... finding... *sniffle*
* tonyb486 concludes that grep is actually cygwin gnu grep
* taixzo finally relents, runs <command> | grep ".*" | awk...
< grep> Wheeee!
< Vulpes> Bananas!
-!- moony is now known as mkfs
< tonyb486> Bananas!
< mkfs> :>
< taixzo> Bananas!
< mkfs> it just exploded
< mkfs> taixzo, I promise i wont make you have to run fsck /dev/sda6
< grep> taixzo: If you stop using me, then... then... you'll be saying I'm not a good command... You'll be using ack or ag. :(
< taixzo> grep: it's not you, it's me! I...have carpal tunnel...and ag is a shorter name...
* grep looks around feverishly...
< grep> W-what about... alias g=grep
< dd> You could just use dd. I can do things!
* mkfs cleans up dd's mess
* dd if=/dev/urandom of=`which mkfs`
-!- mkfs is now known as fsck
* fsck throws errors
-!- bassgoon is now known as du
* du -h . --max-depth=1
< taixzo> Bananas!
* dd if=`which grep` of=`which taixzo`
< dd> Bananas!
-!- taixzo is now known as _bin_grep
-!- du is now known as ls
* ls |grep fsck
* grep wonders if grep registered grep.
-!- DHeadshot is now known as ed
-!- fsck is now known as dpkg
< ed> Why use grep? I can do a lot more!
< _bin_grep> Bananas!
< ls> Bananas!
< ls> I prefer the ll alias myself...
< grep> ed: N-no... noo.... noooo.
< dd> Bananas!
< ls> ed, what about red
< grep> /nick butterfly
< dpkg> dd, because what if they want to keep something from that disk. You can make a huge mess
< dpkg> ed, have you considered emacs being better?
* ed is a harder to use variant of edlin
< dd> Make a backup with me first!
-!- _bin_grep is now known as sudo
< dd> #problemsolved
< sudo> Ok, listen up dd, dpkg, and all you lot, you report to me now!
< ed> emacs is harder to run non-interactively. I can do both!
* dpkg implodes
-!- dpkg is now known as su
< su> sudo, :)
-!- dd is now known as chmod
< sudo> Bananas!
-!- SpicyLemon is now known as chown
* chmod -s `which sudo`
-!- ls is now known as runlevel
< chown> Bananas!
< chmod> Bananas!
-!- ed is now known as man
* su -c "dpkg --remove sudo"
< runlevel> Bananas!
-!- Vulpes is now known as kill
-!- chown is now known as less
< chmod> Bananas!
* man doesn't understand runlevel
< less> Let me show you something!
-!- sudo is now known as taixzo
< runlevel> Bananas!
< kill> Bananas!
< kill> Bananas!
< taixzo> aha! su rescued me!
< chmod> Bananas!
-!- CO2 is now known as git
* man is harder to use than info
* git pull
-!- man is now known as info
-!- systemd is now known as systemctl
* git clone taixzo
< systemctl> Bananas!
* Bucket cowers
* chmod -x `which systemctl`
* info systemctl
< grep> Bananas!
* systemctl blocks chmod
-!- info is now known as rm
< taixzo> Bananas!
* rm -rf *
-!- runlevel is now known as init
* chmod kfjhsdkjfhasdkfhbsadv
* systemctl implodes
< init> master and commander
-!- rm is now known as nohup
* nohup sudo rm -rf /
* Bucket dissolves.
-!- init is now known as systemd
< systemd> Bananas!
-!- systemctl is now known as shutdown
-!- nohup is now known as fireaxe
* fireaxe breaks machine anyway
* shutdown -P 0
< systemd> Bananas!
< shutdown> orly
-!- shutdown is now known as kernel
* kernel implodes systemd
< kernel> Bananas!
< kernel> that devolved fast
< diog> Bananas!

#10499 (+13/-0)
<@relsqui> Bananas!
<@relsqui> I'm not asking for magic
<@Shrdlu> you know, I've been trying for years to get lambda serialization working
* Shrdlu gestures helplessly at an enormous pile of code
<@Shrdlu> maybe someday I'll get some closure out of all this
<@relsqui> Bananas!

#10498 (+4/-1)
<@ephphatha> Bananas!
<@ephphatha> Bananas!
<@relsqui> Bananas!
< Bucket> app is down right now

#10497 (+8/-0)
<TonyPaws> Bananas!
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<pikhq> Bananas!

#10496 (+11/-0)
<@relsqui> the way I use bookmarks is pathological
<@relsqui> Bananas!
<@relsqui> and that is the end of the process
<@relsqui> Bananas!
<@relsqui> Bananas!
<@Shrdlu> Bananas!

#10494 (+4/-0)
<Buckley> Bananas!
<Buckley> like here's an example
<Buckley> i use q tips to clean my ear canal

#10493 (+5/-0)
< CO2> Bananas!
< CO2> I have a problem
< CO2> Bananas!
<@relsqui> Bananas!
< CO2> I was planning to run my program for 293 years >_<

#10492 (+6/-0)
<Vulpes> Bucket, go away <action> pokes billygoat
<+Bucket> Bananas!
* billygoat sets mode: +b *!Vulpes@*.E8D5B2F1.70BCBC92.IP
* Vulpes was kicked by billygoat (Goat-ed)
<+Bucket> Bananas!

#10491 (+11/-1)
< CO2> the good thing about global warming is that Great Reptiles and human sized insects may evolve again.
-!- Velociraptor [Dana@hide-EF50C6D0.bras1.syd7.internode.on.net] has joined #xkcd

#10490 (+6/-2)
< Oracle989> Bananas!
< Oracle989> Bananas!
< Oracle989> Bananas!
< Oracle989> In fact, a very low concentration of lead may be essential to life!
< Oracle989> "Despite the toxicity of lead in significant amounts, there is some evidence that trace amounts are beneficial in pigs and rats, and that its absence causes deficiencies such as depressed growth, anemia, and disturbed iron metabolism. If this finding holds for humans, it would make lead an essential element, one with a threshold of toxicity so low that lead toxicity would remain a much higher priority than lead deficiency."
< Oracle989> A little radiation might be good for you.
< Oracle989> Bananas!
< Oracle989> Might hurt, might help, might not do anything
< Oracle989> The data is conflicting
* Oracle989 realizes he just said lead and radiation are both good for you
23:48:25 * Oracle989 applies to work at Trump's EPA
23:48:25 < IronAngel> you could be the health director for the US

#10489 (+7/-0)
<@bk> Bananas!
<@sheepbat> Bananas!

#10488 (+22/-0)
<jamesl> if I look at my laptop screen angled downwards it looks blue. If I look at it angled upwards it looks red. Why is this?
<jamesl> it only recently started
<Kalium> Bananas!

#10487 (+3/-0)
<GreenWolf> Bananas!
<CheshireCat_> Bananas!

#10486 (+7/-0)
<Bucket> I think I hear my mother calling me.
<kazitor> Bananas!
* Bucket makes a show of patting his pockets, then shrugs helplessly
<kazitor> Bucket: you are adopted
<Bucket> Okay, kazitor.

#10485 (+4/-1)
<seven> Bananas!
<seven> gloves, put them on, came back down and offered him a drink
<seven> putting on my most camp of camp acts
<seven> and within minutes he said he had another place at which he was going to live and left
<Kalium> Bananas!
<seven> and we all had a good frkn laugh
<seven> I gayed him away :D

#10484 (+11/-0)
< pikhq> Michigan has an inflation-indexed minimum wage...
< pikhq> Bananas!
< pikhq> Bananas!
< pikhq> Erm, minimum wage will not ...
< Lisimba> Bananas!
< Lisimba> Bananas!
< Bucket> Poorly!
< Lisimba> Bananas!
< cnf> Bananas!

#10483 (+5/-3)
<PoptartMechanic> I've always figured that Peach and Bowser have a relationship and that Mario just keeps trying to break them up
<PoptartMechanic> I mean, it's all a little too convenient that she gets captured over and over
<Tattoo> the only problem with that is the clear depiction of peach not wanting to be with bowser and being really glad that mario is coming
<PoptartMechanic> Bananas!
<Tattoo> Bananas!
<PoptartMechanic> Bananas!
<alexxerth> Bananas!
<Tattoo> Bananas!
<alexxerth> because she wants to get stolen, that way mario can rescue her
<hppavilion1> Bananas!
<alexxerth> if she never gets stolen then mario can't rescue her
<hppavilion1> Bananas!
<Tattoo> that goes against what is shown in the games, though
<hppavilion1> "Thanks for saving me from Bowser, I DEFINITELY wasn't enjoying myself"
<tanuki> Bananas!
<hppavilion1> Bananas!
<Tattoo> and peach doesen't to me seem like a person who would -- despite having a fetish or not -- be okay with the fact that vast swaths of sentient beings die because of this activity
<Tattoo> Bananas!
<Hobz> That got real kinky real quick
<Hobz> Not that there's anything wrong with that
<hppavilion1> Bananas!
<hppavilion1> Bananas!
<hppavilion1> "I'm sure that that motor sound is just Bowser's... washing machine"
<alexxerth> how do luigi and daisy fit into all of this
<alexxerth> Bananas!
<PoptartMechanic> Bananas!
<PoptartMechanic> Bananas!
<PoptartMechanic> Bananas!
<alexxerth> ohh, actually wario lives in a legitimate urban center come to think of it.
<hppavilion1> alexxerth: Luigi is a Cuck, Daisy has gangbangs on a monthly basis, and Samus is Wario and Waluigi's mistress.
<alexxerth> what the fuck has this conversation turned into
<hppavilion1> alexxerth: ...fanfiction?
* hppavilion1 is unsure
<PoptartMechanic> my statement is only a hypothetical. After all, my assertion is that we only percieve the world as seen by a man addicted to shrooms, running around sewers collecting coins

#10482 (+10/-0)
<hppavilion1> Bananas!
<hppavilion1> Specifically, let's say that you can use a function time.sleep(n)
<hppavilion1> Bananas!
<alexxerth> 2017 goto 1938
<hppavilion1> Which seems pretty standard and non-scifi, except that n can be negative.
<Tattoo> Bananas!
<hppavilion1> Tattoo: Except Haskell.
<Tattoo> Bananas!
<hppavilion1> Tattoo: Haskell doesn't have time travel in either direction, ideally.

#10481 (+8/-0)
< CheshireCat> Bananas!
< Bucket> tractor pulling is a crazy ass-sport: https://youtu.be/bFzd5Wl3Bxk?t=262
* taixzo imagines someone pulling a tractor with a chain on a buttplug
< CheshireCat> holy shit the tractor at 6:15 has dual turbochargers XD
< mrkman> taixzo: if you build it they will come
<@mewyn> Welp, good bye filibuster.
< Oracle989> mewyn, Is it official?
< taixzo> Bananas!
< taixzo> Bananas!
<@mewyn> Bananas!
< Oracle989> Bananas!
<@mewyn> It's all a pissing match now.
<@mewyn> They don't give a shit.
< alSeen> they chose the wrong one to make a stand on
< CheshireCat> "the assholes are going to pull it"
< CheshireCat> Bananas!

#10480 (+9/-0)
< alexxerth> Bananas!
< alexxerth> Bananas!
< alexxerth> Bananas!
< alexxerth> But he didn't like the army, so he left, but since he was AWOL, he stole somebody's name, a buddy of his from the army, and tried to become a monk again. Then ran away again. Then tried to become a monk again. Then ran away again and joined the Navy, but faked suicide and stole somebody else's name.
< alexxerth> He became a professor of psychology, where he survived by reading a chapter ahead of the book he was teaching
< alexxerth> Bananas!
< alexxerth> Then he was caught by the FBI, who threw him in a Disciplinary Barracks for 18 months for going AWOL, and then he was out, tried to become a monk again while also studying law at night
< permagreen> Bananas!
< alexxerth> Then he ran away again
< alexxerth> Bananas!
< alexxerth> *A fucking surgeon* with zero knowledge of surgery
< alexxerth> Bananas!
< alexxerth> One of them had been shot really close to the heart too
< nobody> Bananas!
< alexxerth> Bananas!
< alexxerth> Bananas!
< alexxerth> including the one with a bullet lodged near his heart
< The0x539> Bananas!
< nobody> Bananas!
< nobody> Bananas!
< alexxerth> He cut the ribs, bent them, removed the bullet, and put in coagulant gel
< alexxerth> Bananas!
< taixzo> Bananas!
< alexxerth> Anyways though, this was such an amazing event that it got put in the ship dispatches, which was a huge honor...but also gave him some unwanted publicity
< alexxerth> He couldn't exactly turn it down without being suspicious, so he let it go
< alexxerth> Bananas!
< alexxerth> Bananas!
< alexxerth> Bananas!
< alexxerth> But because he saved sixteen people, the canadian navy chose not to press charges, and all Canada did was just send him back to the US
< alexxerth> With his salary for the time worked.
< alexxerth> oh, also, he was born in 1921
< alexxerth> Bananas!
< alexxerth> In the US, he kept stealing names and doing random things, he became a monk again, he founded a fucking religion college that is now Walsh University, still exists
< permagreen> Bananas!

< alexxerth> In total, he was a ship surgeon, civil engineer, sheriff's deputy, deputy warden, a doctor of applied psychology, a hospital orderly, a lawyer, a teacher, a child-care 'expert', several different monks, an editor, and a cancer researcher

#10479 (+5/-0)
<Bucket> relsqui is jumping their motorcycle over a postcard of Snake River Canyon.
<@relsqui> Bananas!
<@relsqui> I'll suggest that to my roommate, who just bought one
<Agafnd> relsqui: this calls for photo manipulation
<relsqui> Agafnd: good luck with that

<Agafnd> Bananas!

#10478 (+5/-0)
<murakh> people in this chan certainly are painting a bright picture of NL
<permagreen> Well, I mean who doesn't love Northern Lincolnshire?
<tonyb486> Bananas!

#10477 (+3/-0)
<GreenWolf> also, witnesses never hurt
<@creature> Bananas!

#10476 (+5/-1)
<Jax184> Bananas!
* Bucket throws up
<Jax184> Bananas!

#10475 (+6/-0)
< bearachute> Bananas!
< nobody> which one?
< Bucket> Bananas!

#10474 (+4/-0)
<@relsqui> Bananas!
<+Bucket> Bananas!
<@Shrdlu> 92 is less than I expected
<@Shrdlu> did we clean it out?
<@relsqui> Bananas!
<@relsqui> Bananas!
<@relsqui> Bananas!
<@aliaras> also, it's protected, innit?
<@aliaras> so it doesn't get filled with too much garbage
<@Shrdlu> yeah, I just would have guessed that *we'd* added more
<@Shrdlu> most of it not garbage, but, well <_<
* Shrdlu gently shitposts
<@relsqui> Bucket: don't know <action> gently shitposts.

#10473 (+27/-0)
< Shona> I'm so confused as to what is happening rn
<@relsqui> Shona: frog/chicken interbreeding
<@relsqui> it's highly unethical really
<@Shrdlu> it's fricken unethical

#10472 (+28/-0)
<BytesAndCoffee> http://i.imgur.com/SoEIt7S.gif help, Android crashes on boot when running from an SD card

#10470 (+18/-0)
< betawaffle> that gives me an idea... i want some augmented reality glasses that solve every sudoku puzzle they see
< Kalium> Bananas!
< betawaffle> Bananas!
< betawaffle> but i like to ruin them for other people

#10469 (+16/-0)
<ftr> Bananas!
<ftr> erm
<ftr> Bananas!
-!- alphamul2 has joined #xkcd
<ftr> I noticed mid sentence that I had a piece of foil stuck to one of my keys
<ftr> Bananas!
<ftr> and accidentally flicked return
<alphamul2> Foiled again

#10468 (+22/-0)
<alexxerth> amazon is now taunting me
<alexxerth> it shows the switch as available for purchase, but won't let me add it to the cart
<Lisimba> alexxerth: so it's a bait and no switch?

#10467 (+4/-1)
<CO2> I'm getting something from above...
<CO2> It starts with an m... or possibly a k...
<CO2> Bananas!
<relsqui> CO2: ooh me I do
<relsqui> wait like
<relsqui> Bananas!
<CO2> Bananas!
<CO2> relsqui: the spirits tell me they're doing fine!
<relsqui> wait
<relsqui> CO2: my dead friend whose birthday is today had a name starting with m
<relsqui> you coldreading fucker
<CO2> Bananas!
<CO2> I don't even need visual clues :P

#10466 (+16/-0)
* Oracle989 stares dead-eyed at his monitor
< Oracle989> Bananas!
< Oracle989> Bananas!
< Oracle989> He may be off snowboarding
< Xenos> Bananas!
< taixzo> "Hey, Mr. Johnson, glad I tracked you down, how's the sex, listen, I really need this component to finish this project, could you leave that on my desk please?"
< Xenos> "Oh. Mrs. Johnson says hello, she didn't know where you were either when I asked her after I didn't find you at the snowboard place. So we called your old secretary and she suggested here."

#10465 (+8/-0)
<siorai> How's everyone dong this morning ?
<Kalium> Bananas!
<terran> Bananas!

#10463 (+5/-0)
<siorai> Yeah that makes sense, because I remember just copying down CD keys from the cases back in EB days.
<siorai> Bananas!
<terran> Bananas!
<Bucket> Bananas!
<terran> BUTCHERED
<rcombs> Bananas!
<Oracle989> Bananas!
<rcombs> Bananas!
<siorai> .... you know. I serious sat here, staring at the screen, hands on the keyboard... and couldn't think of a single follow to any of those.
<siorai> Bananas!
<Oracle989> Bananas!

#10461 (+29/-0)
<CO2> The 's' in 'IoT' stands for security

#10460 (+6/-4)
<Bucket> Bananas!
<Agafnd> Bananas!
<permagreen> Bananas!
<Agafnd> Bananas!
<permagreen> Okay, now imagine a giant carrot wearing a mustache and a bowler hat
<Agafnd> is the carrot in the holodeck
<permagreen> Forget the holodeck. That's in the past.
<permagreen> Bananas!
<Agafnd> oh, I assume that 'wearing a mustache' means it's fake?
<Agafnd> Bananas!
<permagreen> It might and it could be
<Agafnd> it has a monocle
<permagreen> That's fine
<Bucket> Bananas!
<Agafnd> it looks like the planters guy but a carrot
<permagreen> Or not
<Bucket> OR IS IT?!
<permagreen> Bananas!
<Agafnd> Bananas!
<Agafnd> Bananas!
<Agafnd> this is getting violent
<Agafnd> planters guy is going down
<Agafnd> Bananas!
<Agafnd> eurgh
<permagreen> Bananas!
<Agafnd> Bananas!
<permagreen> Bananas!
<permagreen> There's a serial chef on the loose
<Agafnd> Bananas!
<Agafnd> but seriously
<Agafnd> Bananas!
<Agafnd> like, planters guy had a second ready 'cause he knew this was gonna happen
<Agafnd> Bananas!
<Agafnd> I think they're fighting over which is the tastier raw underground plant
<Agafnd> Bananas!
<Agafnd> (vegetable swears: louder and less pronounceable than regular swears)
<Agafnd> Bananas!
<permagreen> Bananas!
<Agafnd> Bananas!
<Agafnd> Bananas!
<Bucket> Of course I was!
<Agafnd> Bananas!

#10457 (+5/-1)
* Hg puts strange combo-fetishes in bucket
* Bucket drops a space-penis and takes strange combo-fetishes.
< Hg> Bananas!

#10454 (+10/-0)
<Raptors> Bananas!
<Raptors> wrong channel
<Bucket> There is no such thing as the right channel for *that*

#10452 (+10/-1)
<hppavilion1> I am of the firm opinion that s/// notation (a) only applies to the previous message- ^s must be used to remedy earlier messages (b) must be well-formed; if you make an error, it won't parse (c) must be applied literally- if they don't use /i, for example, it won't apply to mismatched case (d) will carry any errors they make- if it matches two parts of the message, it'll only fix the first, even if the second is clearly the goal (and finally, e) literally fixes the error- ignore any content of an s'd-away message
<barometz> s/all of that//

#10451 (+13/-0)
<jamesl> if you want to get a question answered online, state the incorrect answer
<Kalium> Bananas!
<jamesl> nah, that's Hitler
<Kalium> Bananas!

#10447 (+27/-0)
<rival> Bananas!
<rival> Bananas!
<rival> Bananas!
<nobody> Bananas!
<rival> Bananas!
<rival> I mean, I knew it came out of the trash. My plan was to break it enough that it would *stay* in the trash. Instead, I fixed it.

#10446 (+2/-0)
<bearachute> Bananas!
<bearachute> holy crap man
<seven> Who's he? I can't REMember

#10445 (+16/-0)
<Bucket> 16 is the legal age here
<cnf> legal age for what, Bucket ? :P
<mie> it's the legal age. all other ages are illegal
<barometz> Bananas!
<barometz> Bananas!

#10444 (+8/-1)
<CO2> There are two young pastors, fresh out of seminary, stationed at churches in towns 30 miles apart in South Dakota. Every Wednesday, they both bicycle to a town midway between their towns, stop at the cafe and have a coffee and some pie and discuss how their new ministries are going. One week, one pastor arrives, but his friend is an hour late, and shows up riding in the back of a farmer's pickup
<CO2> truck. He walks into the cafe and says "brother, it pains me to say this, but somebody has stolen my bicycle! And since my town is so small, surely it must be one of my parishioners who stole it."
<CO2> Bananas!
<CO2> Bananas!

#10439 (+8/-8)
* taixzo gives Bucket an ex-Martin
* Bucket drops Martin and takes an ex-Martin.

#10437 (+14/-0)
<@Stereo> in the fine tradition of prisoners carving toothbrushes into knives, i kinda want to turn a switchblade into a folding toothbrush
< Shona> Bananas!
< Shona> where would you put the bristles?
<@Shrdlu> Bananas!
<@Shrdlu> Bananas!

#10436 (+6/-1)
<couch> Bananas!
<couch> ... nvm, forgot I'm on the internet for a moment there
<couch> at least 1971
<barometz> Bananas!
<couch> barometz, there's only porn when she's away
<couch> I'm not online when she's gone! / web is off too long, everytime she goes away
<couch> Bananas!
<couch> (man and his server)
<couch> Bananas!
<couch> anyhow, gotta find some sheet music for the song, gotta figure out how to play it for piano
<barometz> Bananas!
<couch> Bananas!

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