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#8131 (+152/-6)
<mysss> with whom I have an unfinished game of IRC correspondance chess
<mysss> which, btw, is the best way to play chess ever
<coaxmetal> Knight to 17Q
<Brooklynxman> King me. BINGO!
<mysss> you sunk my star destroyer!
<coaxmetal> Knight takes battleship, do not pass go, do not collect 200$
<vebyast> I cast magic missile at the Red Queen.
<dinosplosion> I seduce black's kobold
<ReishGaluta> My Hungry Hippo devours your pawn. That's 4-in-a-row.
<Brooklynxman> full house, I checkmate your ace of spades
<ReishGaluta> My knight chases away your black pawn, and I steal a wood from your hand.
<coaxmetal> Ok, I get 3 wheat and 2 stone this turn, so I roll 3D20's and change the color to Green. Uno.
<paratus> knight to queen's rook seven. touchdown.
<ReishGaluta> Go fish.
* Bucket somehow manages to strangle himself with the fishing wire
<dinosplosion> I see your knight, and raise you a Charizard. CHEAT.
<coaxmetal> Queen evolves into Col. Mustard
<Brooklynxman> base's loaded, out of mana, 4th quarter, and 2 rooks in the pocket
<coaxmetal> I see your bet with a 6-pool
<vebyast> "Give me ten seconds to finish promoting my straights to flushes and I'll be right there to help out with the zerglings."
<coaxmetal> actually, I don't play zerg
<ReishGaluta> Black Bishop. Corner Pocket.
<coaxmetal> Rook takes the flag. FINISH HIM.
<Brooklynxman> I have a pair of 2's. I role to bluff
* ReishGaluta rolls three 6's and conquers all of Asia. Yahtzee!
<vebyast> "D5". "That's a hit, so white pawn takes black bishop and you get a monster kill."
* Brooklynxman invades via yakutusk, sacraficing 3 pawns and a battleship
<ReishGaluta> strike 3, my bowler takes your pins. Headshot.
<Stereo> hang on, i've got a full house! snap!
<ReishGaluta> We're running low on supply centers! I'm sending my destroyer out rupee hunting.
<Stereo> the last marine is dancing a jig in the blood of slain rooks! uno!
<Stereo> show me the way to go... home
<vebyast> I'm going to tap my full house for three hearts and two spades, then spend one of the hearts to get out of jail free and the rest to call the top hat in the middle pocket.
<ReishGaluta> cheater
<ReishGaluta> you can't tap a full house for 3 hearts and 2 spades.
<Stereo> not unless you're sitting on a double decker
<Stereo> in the middle of berlin, in 1942
<coaxmetal> Zealot to B3, spends 3 bricks and 2 wheat to spawn Boardwalk Ave. Critical hit.
<ReishGaluta> I thought we were playing under Paris conventions!
<ReishGaluta> that explicitly disallows double-decking, and board-sliding.
* ReishGaluta grabs the Calvinball and goes home.
<Stereo> home may be base, but you can't score that way
<ReishGaluta> depends who's home
<Stereo> anyway, you can board slide if the top hat's in the middle pocket, and you've got a spare sheep
<Stereo> you just have to sacrifice a can of soup to the salvation army
<Stereo> and pray on soulcake tuesday
<coaxmetal> If you bamboozle the Calimari, You can take Marinaris valley without spending any sick leave
* Lorvan uses 2 Venus Djinn to summon Ramses, one of the pyramids is destroyed
<Stereo> then it's a clean sweep! i load 3 second edition dogeared copies of Harry Potter into the mousecapult, three parcheesi tokens advance on The Red Dragon, and kaput!
< coaxmetal> I am just making stuff up now

#5583 (+19/-5)
<heero> Could God rebreak a nose so many times such that He cannot reset it?
<God> Ooooooo
<God> someone took philosophy at the community college

#731 (+20/-5)
-!- Geekthras|writing [IceChat7@hide-38A01D1B.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #acro
< Geekthras|writing> anyonepaying attention here?
< Geekthras|writing> no?
< Geekthras|writing> !acro
< Geekthras|writing> !start
< Geekthras|writing> !go
< Geekthras|writing> !run
< Geekthras|writing> !init
< Geekthras|writing> !initialize
< Geekthras|writing> !game
< Geekthras|writing> !startthefuckinggame,bitch
< Geekthras|writing> !acrobot
< Geekthras|writing> acrobot: start
< Geekthras|writing> acrobot: acro
< Geekthras|writing> !help
< Geekthras|writing> acrobot: help
< Geekthras|writing> :(
< Geekthras|writing> o of course
< Geekthras|writing> !gogogadgetacrobot!
< Geekthras|writing> :-(
< mezz> start acro
< acrobot> Acro started! :D
< acrobot> Next round starts in 30 seconds. One game consists of 5 rounds.
< mezz> stop acro
< acrobot> Acro stopped! :(
< mezz> Geekthras|writing: el. oh. el.

#7383 (+20/-2)
< Jax184> a woman brought me a laptop because she had spilled wine on it
< Jax184> I was able to clean it all up
< Jax184> and washing the keyboard restored it to functionality
< Jax184> all except the power button
< Jax184> and it's a pretty hard to find keyboard
< Jax184> so for the time, I started it up with a keyboard that didn't fit it and then swapped hers on while it was running
< Jax184> sent her home with the instructions not to turn it off
< Jax184> just to put it to sleep
< Jax184> it's like a really nerdy version of speed

#4638 (+16/-4)
<maLLee> Randall was here and I missed it. Sad :(
* maLLee hugs Randall
<snark> maLLee: he is such a ninja
<snark> he might still be lurking
<snark> maybe he will come back and ban me and talk to you if I start abusing Ghost again?
=-= snark was booted from #xkcd by billygoat (shoo!)
-->| snark (snark@AC31833B.31EBEA58.8A32AFDA.IP) has joined #xkcd
<snark> odd
<maLLee> Perhaps I shan't call him "jerkface" whilst requesting his presence...
<snark> I'm not really sure what that was for
<snark> maLLee: you can talk to billygoat at least
<nazgjunk> billygoat: what the hell
<nazgjunk> snark: possibly the "ban me"
<Dark-Fx> If I had to guess it would be because you said ban me.
<snark> maybe it was for saying ban me?
=-= nazgjunk was booted from #xkcd by billygoat (shoo!)
=-= Dark-Fx was booted from #xkcd by billygoat (shoo!)
=-= snark was booted from #xkcd by billygoat (shoo!)
-->| snark (snark@AC31833B.31EBEA58.8A32AFDA.IP) has joined #xkcd
-->| Dark-Fx (bamcpher@hide-A91AED.chi-02.us.sixxs.net) has joined #xkcd
-->| nazgjunk (htitan@hide-B7D56771.stack.nl) has joined #xkcd
<nazgjunk> check
<snark> haha... yes, that is conclusively solved

#6026 (+23/-5)
<Antimony-120> I'm confucious, I kant seem to locke onto what hume are talking about

#6464 (+25/-5)
<@Antipathy> i have a lot of little pet peeves
<@Antipathy> they make me seem like an angry person.
<@Antipathy> i'm not, really! i promise!
< relsqui> I believe you :)

#7728 (+14/-1)
<DarkLoad> I tried to drink a capful of Tabasco sause
<DarkLoad> succeeded
<karush> DarkLoad: succeeded? I'm impressed. Now go drink two capfuls
<DarkLoad> karush: go die in a fire
<Bucket> You first.
<DarkLoad> Already am

#9947 (+18/-3)
<colt> You know what? Screw ferret. I'ma have a sammich anyway.
<XanT> Just su up.
<colt> `sudo make sammich`
* CO2 has quit (sjc.foonetic.net belay.foonetic.net)
* AaronMcH has quit (sjc.foonetic.net belay.foonetic.net)
[...snip 146 more quits...]
* liru has quit (sjc.foonetic.net belay.foonetic.net)
* njsg_ has quit (sjc.foonetic.net belay.foonetic.net)

#9284 (+21/-0)
* schwal puts the worlds slowest sandcastle in Bucket.
* ten tips bucket over
* Bucket floods everyone's chat windows with dirty sand.

#4506 (+54/-11)
<FunkyTuba> welcome to #xkcd impatience hour
<tapiocaPod> I hope this hour takes less than an hour

#3989 (+25/-8)
<Nash> You are failing R9Kology.
<Zerox> I haven't eve heard of that class
<Nash> And spreading your meta filth in the channel.
<Nash> Soon you will accidentally the whole channel or something.
<Dark-Fx> grammar is escaping you
<Zerox> Yes. i will accidentally whole the channel
<halberd> I think he meant put a hole in the channel
<halberd> like a boat is a hole in the water
<Nash> It's an internal joke, you had to be there.
<Zerox> like a vertical asymptote?
<halberd> a boat between england and France would be a hole in the channel
<Zerox> Which channel? The English one?
<Dark-Fx> A boat is more like a pie. If you eat the pie, there is no more.
<halberd> you know of another channel between england and France?
<Dark-Fx> The french channel?
<halberd> I wonder if the french call it the french channel
<socksy> wouldn't the french channel be #france ?
<Senji> On no you le didn't

#4361 (+2/-1)
Wonderfish uses his powers so that indbs spontaneously grows a beard.
<toynbee> That's a kind of useless power.

#7127 (+25/-8)
<Frowardd> sometimes poop jokes can get very deep
<Frowardd> poop jokes fill a hole in my soul
<paparatti> Frowardd: that's some deep shit right there

#4019 (+95/-15)
<Kain_Ceverus> Anywhere should sell it reasonably cheap.
<Cuddles> true, but im not anywhere, im here
<Kain_Ceverus> Well, get to anywhere.
<Kain_Ceverus> They have midnight trains that go there.

#6224 (+22/-0)
<Boom_Farmer> 'lol' is an indication of either the degradation of the English language, or a marvelously mellifluous contraction exhibiting the cultural progress we have made.
<Prodigy> are you talking about laugh out loud or me making a goal post?
<whiskeyish> point made, boom_farmer.

#1497 (+96/-18)
<scooby> AquaFox: you = fun*me + clothes | solve for fun
<scooby> AquaFox: if you are female
<AquaFox> Not female :(.
<AquaFox> Sounds enticing though.
<AquaFox> fun = (you minus clothes) over me
<AquaFox> Nice one scooby xD.

#8742 (+13/-1)
<@Stereo> is there a PETA for service workers? like PETSW
<@relsqui> you mean people who take unwanted service workers out back, shoot them, and make videos asking people for more money to do this?
<@relsqui> and call it saving the service workers?
<@Stereo> well, it would certainly help unemployment rates

#8919 (+27/-3)
<@snark> the next bourne movie should be called "bourne again"
<@snark> tagline: just when you thought it was over
<@snark> and the one after that "Still Bourne"
<@snark> the series that just won't die

#8999 (+58/-1)
<@relsqui> barometz: so randall did this talk at google
* Fusilliban sits back, grabs popcorn from bucket.
<@relsqui> about the comic and his background and stuff
<@relsqui> some sketches
<@relsqui> they come around to the QA
<@relsqui> older gentleman in the front row stands up and says, okay, so what's Elaine's O(n log(log n)) algorithm? (http://xkcd.com/342/)
<@relsqui> so there's a laugh, at the question
<@relsqui> and randy is like "well you'd have to ask elaine" which is a decent way to handle it
<@relsqui> and then someone asks him "did you notice who that was asking you that question?"
<@relsqui> anyone wanna guess?
<x2x> No. Please tell me it wasn't Don Knuth.
<@relsqui> it was Donald Knuth
<anaximander> it was
<x2x> Sheeeeeeeeit.
<@relsqui> the talk was arranged kind of last-minute so they couldn't get a big enough hall for the interest
<@relsqui> (because, lol, you think there are some xkcd nerds at google?)
<@relsqui> so they set up satellite rooms with a video feed
<@relsqui> and a site where people could send in questions to the main projector
<@relsqui> randy reads a couple off there
<@relsqui> the first one iirc is "so I've been using Python for a while, when can I expect to be able to fly?"
<@relsqui> (http://xkcd.com/353/)
<@relsqui> which again, gets a laugh
<@relsqui> iirc the answer was "hey man just import antigravity it should work"
<@relsqui> and, again--after the talk was over, this time--someone taps randall on the shoulder
<@relsqui> "so you couldn't tell 'cause he was in a satellite room, but do you know who asked that one?"
<x2x> Guido van Rossum?
<@relsqui> naturally.
<@relsqui> so yeah. he came along on our tour and explained to randy why python join syntax is weird
<barometz> crazy collection of legendary developers

[ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJOS0sV2a24 --Ed. ]

#9693 (+15/-0)
<Bucket> You need a few points? Maybe we can make some...arrangements. ;)
* ten gives bucket 15 points
* Bucket drops a reacharound and takes 15 points.
<ten> i'll uh just hold onto this

#4370 (+20/-5)
<matt> Just eat money.
<Sb-120> matt: That makes no cents

#6426 (+58/-10)
< letusgothen> Act V of Hamlet is massive fail
< letusgothen> on the part of the characters, not on the part of Shakespeare :P
< letusgothen> Oh, I'll drink this wine! *thud*
< letusgothen> YOU SHALL DIE! *thud*
< letusgothen> I am slain! *thud*
< letusgothen> Ah, fuck it. *thud*
< letusgothen> Then there are a couple minor characters left saying:
< letusgothen> What the fucking hell just happened?
< letusgothen> Meh, whatever
< letusgothen> Let's just be part of Norway or something

#8295 (+9/-2)
<Freudian> flyingferret: my goal is to register the bd.sm domain name. Is this a worthy goal?
<flyingferret> That depends on your goal.

#6071 (+16/-5)
<&lingrush> Yeah, I can never get it up when I'm doing coke
<snark> lingrush: even diet coke?
<OcularElm> snark, they only call it that when they give it to models.

#6833 (+17/-4)
<ShortWave> puhjgn m,09oikm -0oikmn ujmn jmn nmm nm,, ';m ;.l;l.,mn m,.;;lkjmnhbnmkl,;.;lkjhnbg
<RK> cat-like ShortWave detected

#10287 (+7/-0)
< CO2> schwal: fun fact of the day, the dutch word for Thimble is literally "finger hat"
<@schwal> heh, nice
< alexxerthmobile> I want a finger hat
< alexxerthmobile> also what's the Dutch word for condom
< CO2> alexxerthmobile: condoom
< alexxerthmobile> oh

#8490 (+16/-0)
* shoofle takes apart an n64 controller with the intention of making it into a sex toy
<@Shrdlu> When shoofle meets that special lady with three vaginas, he will be GLEEFULLY WELL-PREPARED
<@shoofle> I mean, what other kind of lady would I want, given the three hands that I play n64 with?

#3927 (+18/-5)
<explou> I'm going to watch The Passion of the Christ. brb.
<explou> Please don't spoil it.
<nazgjunk> explou: jesus dies
<nazgjunk> lolol

#8526 (+34/-2)
< XMPPwocky> ... oh my god
< XMPPwocky> i am the slurper, the slurpee is the slurpee... .... .... :O

#7052 (+40/-8)
<Pool> The average in here is 22 or 23, I think. I also think the ops are older because it's like they're camp counselors.
<airtank> Pool: l m f a o
<airtank> we are totally camp counselors
<airtank> we even have camp names
<Pool> Yeah.
<Spork> airtank is the cool counselor.
<Spork> snark is the one nobody wants to be stuck with.
<Pool> I mean, khmer mutes the channel to sing songs.
<Spork> relsqui's the one that always makes delicious snacks.
<aqualis> i could totatlly be that camper who sets things on fire
<Spork> mewyn's the weird one that always makes kids do lame arts and crafts.
<snark> Hermiene's the one that appears on the roster but never comes out to supervise any activities
<Pool> What about davean?
<Pool> and Xavier?
<aqualis> absentee camp directors?
<Spork> Pool: Camp administrators.
<res0> davean is also in charge of fixing the machinery of the camp
<Spork> zigdon's the exciting one with the cool stories.
<Pool> Billygoat is the camp mascot.
<Spork> Pool: No, that's Bucket.
<Pool> Oh, right
<aqualis> billygoat is the camp bouncer
<res0> billygoat is the security guard
<Pool> At orientation they would probably refer to "and billygoat will give you the boot" over and over next to a cartoon drawing of a goat in the manual
<snark> and people would still walk up and poke him
<snark> because people are retards

#1058 (+14/-4)
* DoubleAW sets mode -m #bots
<KasuAlsoCocks> Oh.

#6077 (+58/-10)
<@mewyn> Myspace is for underage girls and bands, and people who want to be in one of the two.

#10451 (+11/-0)
<jamesl> if you want to get a question answered online, state the incorrect answer
<Kalium> jamesl: it's called Godwin's Law
<jamesl> nah, that's Hitler
<Kalium> ...

#4256 (+43/-11)
<JenkNekro> Tentacles
<Bucket> Tentacles are NOT for rape!
<JenkNekro> Thank you bucket
<Bucket> You're welcome, jerk.
<JenkNekro> it's "jenk", but ok

#5782 (+24/-6)
<SirDucky> my girlfriend just broke up with me over email :(
<Bucket> That would be a good name for a band.

#10113 (+29/-2)
<zippers> Mary had a little lamb. She tied it to a pylon. 10,000 volts went up its leg, and turned its wool to nylon.
<zippers> Mary had a little lamb. She also had a bear. I've often seen her little lamb. I've never seen her bare.
<zippers> Mary had a little lamb. She also had a goat. I've poked her little lamb. But never poke the goat.
billygoat sets ban on *!peterb@*.hinet-ip.hinet.net
billygoat has kicked zippers from #xkcd (Goat-ed)

#1276 (+31/-8)
<Coke> And i'll be in the army next week, i really don't want to get stuck with a brick, and no time to deal with it.
<cerise> Coke: I hear bricks are useful in the army.
<Stig> cerise, I hear YOUR MOTHER is useful in the army.
<Stig> Apparently she's an amazing tactical controller.
<cerise> I hear your mother's useful in the bedroom.
<cerise> Apparently, she really has a way with interior design and fabric selection.

#2494 (+35/-10)
<Xaldibik> What's a good invention hindered by cultural/societal beliefs?
<Media64> the strap-on

#1278 (+35/-8)
<StarWrong> are waffles an acceptable snack at 11:15?
<Briareos> How could they not be?
<StarWrong> amen! just the answer i was looking for! waffles it is
<Briareos> I would ask AM or PM, but it scarcely matters.
<StarWrong> it's pm, in fact, which is why i was concerned about waffle acceptibility
<Briareos> Waffles are the kind of food where, if they had a box from which I could eat them straight, I would do that.
<electoralfraud> i wiash they would sell chocolate waffles out of a vending machine elsewhere than holland and france
<Briareos> They sell chocolate waffles in a vending machine?
<rivalarrival> Chocolate waffles. In vending machines. Brilliant!
<StarWrong> i am moving to amsterdam immediately
<Briareos> Fuck Asia; I'm moving to holland.
<electoralfraud> those are the sort of snacks that you are always willing to pay vending tax for
<StarWrong> because i will get high legally, and then i will buy chocolate waffles from vending machines
<StarWrong> screw college! chocolate waffles, here i come

#7432 (+9/-1)
<dinosplosion> modular is good because it makes things more comprehensible in small pieces
<Feriority> or going back to SteamPoweredCat, I can connect lots of SteamPoweredCats to my steam engine because of modularity, AND I can switch a SteamPoweredCat to a SteamPoweredSpaceship engine if it needs the power without redesigning my SteamPoweredCat
<Feriority> SteamPoweredCat, you are officially my go-to example for modularity
<SteamPoweredCat> but i'm a unique non-mass produced model!
<LeEris> SteamPoweredCat: that's fine, but your API is standard
<Feriority> if you're unique, your API *must* be standardized because every instance of you uses it!
<dinosplosion> eg. a SteamPoweredCat is more comprehensible than a network of interconnected pipes, steam, power, and fleshy feline material
<LeEris> hey! SteamPoweredCat is not a series of tubes!

#2355 (+4/-0)
* lanaer wonders how long it took ancient humans to figure out that it was the poison ivy causing those rashes
socksy: I shouldn't imagine that it would have taken them too long
socksy: I mean, if it's a plant, then it's a possible food
Nikc: How many of them began avoiding plants altogether after that?
apo: Nikc: All the smart ones. Yay meat!
Nikc: Fuck meat. Yay ice cream!
apo: Fuck ice cream. Yay waffles!
jabagawee: Fuck waffles. Yay grapefruit!
docfox: Fuck vaginas. Yay waffles!
Nikc: Fuck grapefruit. Yay french toast!
Lefty: Don't fuck grapefruit, they're very acidic.
Nikc: Is that a bad thing?
apo: Fuck vaginas. Yay boobs!

#6991 (+16/-1)
* creature sets mode: +mN
<@creature> Dear #xkcd,
<@creature> If you are not an op, and you don't like someone else's behaviour, don't bring it up in the main channel. Either PM them privately about it, or PM an op.
<@creature> Similarly, if you have a problem with something an op does, PM them about it. Don't grouse about it in the main channel.
<@creature> This is partially to avoid drama, partially out of respect, partially to avoid pile-ons, but mostly because it's fucking boring.
<@creature> Many thanks.
<@creature> Lots of love,
<@creature> -- The Management.
* creature sets mode: -mN
< hurristat> I hate it when ops +mN
< MorseCodePython> I know, right?
< MorseCodePython> The worst.
--- creature has banned *!*47e31546@*.mibbit.com
*** hurristat was kicked by creature (HUR HUR I WAS JUST TOLD NOT TO DO SOMETHING SO I'LL DO IT)

#9211 (+37/-0)
<@Randall> relsqui: new project: i'm going to draw cat heads around the cats-eye lakes on the Lena River delta
<@Shrdlu> with, like, a backhoe?

#9433 (+26/-0)
-!- Caffeine|test [koffein@2a01:7e00:0:0:f03c:91ff:fedf:be1e] has joined #xkcd
< Caffeine|test> let's see
* Bucket unzips.
< Caffeine|test> nope
-!- Caffeine|test [koffein@2a01:7e00:0:0:f03c:91ff:fedf:be1e] has quit [Quit: leaving]

#1052 (+23/-6)
<Kasu> Ping!
<Geekthras> Pong!
<Kasu> Ping!
<Geekthras> Pong!
<Apollo> Ping!
<Kasu> PING!
<Geekthras> Pong!
<Kasu> Pang!
<Geekthras> Puhng!
<Apollo> Pingh!
<Kasu> Poong!
<Apollo> Paeng!
<Geekthras> Ph'ungb
<Apollo> Pawng!
<Kasu> Peaorearorarearorang!
<Apollo> Pwng!
<Kasu> Bwang!
<Geekthras> QDB'd
<Apollo> Wrong!
<Kasu> Gong!
<Apollo> Shing!
<Fredd> klik!
<Kasu> Bling!
<Apollo> THUD!
<Kasu> ... The hell kinda ball are YOU using, Apollo?
<Apollo> awww...it wend thud and died
<Apollo> haha
<@Ephphatha> frosty: I dunno what you're on about!
<Apollo> a dead-body ball, duh!
<Kasu> Ah.
<Kasu> Gling!
<Kasu> Glench!
<Fredd> k-k-k-whirrrrrrr
<Apollo> BuzzzzZZZ!
<Fredd> feuraaaaaaang
<Apollo> Thong!
<Fredd> beEEeeEEeeEEeeEEee..
<Apollo> Plong!
<Kasu> Uh, Krong!
<Kasu> Kong!
<Kasu> Hong Kong!
<Apollo> King Kong!
<Apollo> awww...it died :(

#843 (+14/-0)
<AzraelUK> bucket, hammer time!
<Bucket> 4/4

#6335 (+26/-6)
Poiesis: tunics are rad
relsqui: I concur
feczer: I conquer
Poiesis: I resist!
feczer: I insist
Poiesis: I coexist
feczer: I desist
Poiesis: cool.

#10155 (+13/-1)
<phyphor> yano: did I tell you about Doug McDonald?
<yano> phyphor: nope?
<phyphor> He was a farmer, who used to love his farming machinery, went to trade shows, had posters up on his wall
<phyphor> used to make sure his favourite one was kept polished and well maintained
<phyphor> but one day he fell off while driving to his fields and it put him right off
<phyphor> anyway, he was in the village pub one day when there was a fire in the kitchen
<phyphor> and it was billowing great huge plumes of black smoke
<phyphor> thick and nasty and horrible, and all of the other people in the pub were spluttering and coughing, and they couldn't get out
<phyphor> the situation was *terrible*
<phyphor> so ...
<phyphor> Doug went in to the kitchen, inhaled, sharply, and deeply and ...
<phyphor> all of the smoke went away
<phyphor> everyone was able to get out safely ...
<phyphor> y'see
<phyphor> Doug
<phyphor> he was an ex-tractor fan

#9146 (+48/-2)
< Protoform> I'd like a Tesla GPU.
< Hodapp> I've worked on a Tesla C1060.
< Hodapp> that one had only 240 cores.
< schwal> I'd like a tesla roadster.
< rkm> schwal: I'd like 2
< rkm> schwal: run them in parallel and enjoy the race conditions