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#9085 (+12/-0)
* WassPord needs replacement bulbs for his desk lamp x_x
<NahiyanV2> oh yeah I have them in my external HDD
<WassPord> ...why do you have bulbs for my lamp in your external HDD ?
<Lisimba> Isn't that what an external HDD is for? Storage.

#4538 (+14/-1)
<bearachute> You should drink whiskey snark.
<bearachute> That's the way they used to cure everything in the olden days.
<Sb-120> Still do
<Ansible> Even alcoholism.

#359 (+26/-7)
<%Glench> what is a 'tresured object that has significant meaning for [me] now?'
<%Glench> besides my computer
< creature> Your penis.
<%Glench> I don't think the religious people would like that
< creature> Jesus' penis.

#9833 (+17/-5)
<Freudian> good afternoon
<Bucket> But it's midmorning!
<Freudian> no fuck you bucket
<Freudian> this is the one time I got the time period right when saying hello
<Freudian> you do not get to correct me
<Freudian> you piece of shit bot

#13 (+10/-1)
<vector40> hot topic is not an honest name.
<Lhyzz> It should be called 'Acme Instant Punk Kit'
<relsqui> Who Wants to Be a Poser
<Lhyzz> 'Just Add Overpriced Crap'

#9207 (+40/-1)
<@Stereo> ok so i come from a culture (canada) where it's normal to say 'sorry' if you bump into someone... what is the alternative that makes this a thing that identifies someone as canadian
< ellipsis> Stereo: Out of my way, asshole
<@snark> ellipsis, for example, is from new york

#4583 (+8/-0)
< Nekromans> I found out my father was a youtube commenter. I considered sterilising myself.

#6574 (+30/-8)
<Feanor> why would you have a glass of water in a drawer anyway?
<Dekoa> Feanor: You mean you don't have a Water Drawer?
<Dekoa> What are you man? A barbarian?
<hurristat> I have a Ball Drawer
<hurristat> I have about 25 balls in there
<hurristat> or more
<hurristat> even
<Dekoa> hurristat: I think that falls under the TMI index.
<hurristat> no seriously
<hurristat> I have bouncy balls, big balls, see-through balls
<hurristat> A bunch of different types of balls
<hurristat> Wait
<hurristat> *puts head in gutter*
<hurristat> I GET IT NOW!

#571 (+41/-9)
<maLLee> I just drooled on my cat a little :)
<xkcd> hahaha
<xkcd> adorable!
<tooth> you getting your pussy wet?
<maLLee> *facepalm*
<maLLee> I should have known better.

#1608 (+26/-6)
frosty> wait...why is everyone so nice to me all of sudden? did someone change the wiki to say I was female?

#8558 (+8/-1)
< InitHello> s/m/,/
< XMPPwocky> b/d/,/
< InitHello> x/y/z/
< mysss> s/alpha/beta/
< Rena> l/o/l/
< XMPPwocky> s/top/itguys/
< XMPPwocky> w/hyar/wedoingthis/
< Rena> also s/things I see/what you did there/ )
< InitHello> s/µ/ξ/
-!- mode/#xkcd [+N] by snark
<@snark> just pretend that was +m
<@snark> and think about what you did
-!- mode/#xkcd [-N] by snark

#8506 (+25/-0)
-!- mode/#xkcd-signal [+v lena] by moderator
<+lena> moderator: Allah Tuttugunu Altin etsin Emii.. Voice(+v) için lena teþekkür eder :o)
-moderator:#xkcd-signal- lena, you have been muted for 4 seconds.
-!- mode/#xkcd-signal [-v lena] by moderator
-!- mode/#xkcd-signal [+v lena] by moderator
<+lena> moderator: Allah Tuttugunu Altin etsin Emii.. Voice(+v) için lena teþekkür eder :o)
-moderator:#xkcd-signal- lena, you have been muted for 16 seconds.
-!- mode/#xkcd-signal [-v lena] by moderator
-!- mode/#xkcd-signal [+v lena] by moderator
<+lena> moderator: Allah Tuttugunu Altin etsin Emii.. Voice(+v) için lena teþekkür eder :o)
-moderator:#xkcd-signal- lena, you have been muted for 1 minute 4 seconds.
-!- mode/#xkcd-signal [-v lena] by moderator
-!- mode/#xkcd-signal [+v lena] by moderator
<+lena> moderator: Allah Tuttugunu Altin etsin Emii.. Voice(+v) için lena teþekkür eder :o)
-moderator:#xkcd-signal- lena, you have been muted for 4 minutes 16 seconds.
-!- mode/#xkcd-signal [-v lena] by moderator
-!- mode/#xkcd-signal [+v lena] by moderator
<+lena> moderator: Allah Tuttugunu Altin etsin Emii.. Voice(+v) için lena teþekkür eder :o)
-moderator:#xkcd-signal- lena, you have been muted for 17 minutes 4 seconds.
-!- mode/#xkcd-signal [-v lena] by moderator
<+Shrike> oh, crap. she's(?) got some kind of autothanking script for voice. This is pretty much the worst place on the ircnernets to use one

#5755 (+12/-1)
<pixelboy> If I wanted to rant about snark the best I could come up with would be "He has OPs, but he doesn't seem to know what to do with them!"
<pixelboy> Actually...
<pixelboy> What is the point of having ops other than to moderate channel ? is there really any point ?
<@snark> pixelboy: for lulz and to stop the channel sucking
<@khmer> snark knows exactly what to do with ops
<@khmer> avoid being kicked by me for joke quality
* khmer was kicked by snark (DRAW!)
<@snark> I drew first.
* khmer (khmer@hide-C3A0E2D7.isomerica.net) has joined #xkcd
* ChanServ sets mode: +o khmer
<@khmer> I DREW A KITTY
<@snark> Did you give it a caption?
<@khmer> SEE? IT'S GOT EARS
<sje46> What makes you guys such great OPs? I bet you're not even /awesome/.
* sje46 was kicked by snark (I can do THIS.)
<Hotels> I am not sure why, but I suddenly get the impression, as if this conversation had degraded slightly, perhaps.
<@snark> \o/
* sje46 (sje46@hide-B819DB02.unh.edu) has joined #xkcd
<pixelboy> sje46: snark is, the rest can go suck one (Disclaimer: Sucking one is up to the individual OP, not me. Thank you and have a nice day.)
<Spork> sje46, on an unrelated note, why are you capitalizing op?
<@snark> some people are unable to differentiate words with similar letters in them. They would probably take psychology and refer to their subconscious as their ID.
<@khmer> oh shut up, snarq
<@snark> kumara: D:
<pixelboy> snaactually I capitalize op just to piss people off.
<pixelboy> OP OP OP OP OP OP OP
<sje46> I will continue to capitalize OP as well, just to annoy people
* pixelboy was kicked by snark (I don't like trolls. I mean. I do like trolls. But.)
* pixelboy (4039c8d4@hide-54C2325B.mibbit.com) has joined #xkcd
<sje46> I mean, no I won't
* pixelboy was kicked by khmer (you look insoucient)
* pixelboy (4039c8d4@hide-54C2325B.mibbit.com) has joined #xkcd
* pixelboy was kicked by khmer (correcting my spelling)
* pixelboy (4039c8d4@hide-54C2325B.mibbit.com) has joined #xkcd
<@snark> you forgot to actually correct the spelling.
<superintense> It's assumed
* pixelboy was kicked by khmer (forgetting to actually correct the spelling)
* pixelboy (4039c8d4@hide-54C2325B.mibbit.com) has joined #xkcd
* pixelboy is dying of laughter here
<sje46> Okay. . .that actually is trolling, on the ops part
<pixelboy> khmer: you still forget to correct it. Fail.
* pixelboy was kicked by khmer ("Fail" is a sentence fragment)
<@snark> sje46: trolling is okay if you have an at-hat
<fantasyprone> I want an at-hat =(
<sje46> wtf is an at-hat?
* postmodern_ (chatzilla@hide-72C559F6.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net) has joined #xkcd
* fantasyprone was kicked by snark (asking for ops)
* sje46 was kicked by snark (ignorance)
* postmodern was kicked by snark (Hi :))
* snark was kicked by khmer (kick spree)
* snark (no@hide-827F42D7.jetstream.xtra.co.nz) has joined #xkcd
* snark was kicked by khmer (kick spree)
* snark (no@hide-827F42D7.jetstream.xtra.co.nz) has joined #xkcd
* snark was kicked by khmer (kick spree)
* snark (no@hide-827F42D7.jetstream.xtra.co.nz) has joined #xkcd
* snark was kicked by khmer (kick spree)
* snark (no@hide-827F42D7.jetstream.xtra.co.nz) has joined #xkcd
* khmer was kicked by snark (hypocrisy)

#986 (+11/-0)
Zagrophyte: binary blackhole system = hawkingchucks

#5436 (+19/-5)
<Flayer> is it wise to cp your entire /usr directory to a new partition and then mount it instead of /usr ?
<@snark> Flayer: I did that with your mother. Except I didn't cp her to a new partition, I just mounted her.
<Flayer> well done
<Bucket> Medium rare.
<@snark> she was pink on the inside, grey on the outside. That's medium rare, right?
<@creature> snark: Yes. But when I was finished with your mum she was definitely well done.

#2048 (+33/-8)
<Glench> my new hobby
<Glench> going into stores with random everyday objects and talking into them
<Glench> if anyone asks, I'll just say they're bluetooth headsets
<Glench> which *brings* me to my next point
<Glench> bananaphone!

#6303 (+48/-9)
< phobiac> snark has the most epic rick roll phone story
<@snark> which one? I have so many
<@snark> oh, wait, I think maybe I only have one that relates to a phone
<@snark> I think I've told them all a million times though
< phobiac> snark: It's okay it's still funny
< phobiac> Tell us a story Mr. Snark!
< phobiac> A story a story!
<@snark> okay okay
<@snark> so, a couple of weeks before april fool's day, I managed to get my hands on a phone number spoofer and voice masker
<@snark> had a little fun with it here and there, but mostly saved it up. Then, when the day itself rolled around, I decided to place a call to my roommate.
<@snark> I knew he wouldn't pick up though if it was an unrecognised number, so I had to do something that would be okay if he listened to it from voicemail.
<@snark> so I spoof my number to 772-257-4501, and call him up. Sure enough, straight to voicemail.
<@snark> I leave the message, voice masked "If you wish to understand, call back within the hour."
<@snark> so, expecting indignation and possibly violence (as he'll know it was me when he actually finds out), I sit and wait. Five minutes pass, ten minutes pass. No angry call. I realise what's happened.
<@snark> The dude has watched too many horror movies, heard the jigsaw killer voice, and is too scared to call back.
::: relsqui cackles
<@snark> So I head back to the apartment, compose myself, walk in, and sit down at my computer. Not a word.
<@snark> After a minute or so, my roommate turns to me, all concerned.
<@snark> "So, I just got this really weird call. They just said that if I want to understand, I should call back within the hour. The voice was really weird."
<@snark> "So, did you call back?"
<@snark> "No way man. What if it's some serial killer or something?"
< relsqui> teehee
<@snark> "Well, what is he going to do, jump out of your closet? Look, I'll check the number on fonefinder. It's some place in Michigan. I'm sure it's fine."
<@snark> "Well... okay. I'll call back."
< relsqui> snort :)
<@snark> he slowly lifts his phone, makes the call. Ring ring. Suspense builds. Ring ring. The phone picks up, and he hears... drums?
<@snark> "DAMN IT SNARK"
< phobiac> Hahaha
< relsqui> XD
< relsqui> you rickroll like you tell jokes
< relsqui> immense buildup, huge letdown
<@snark> hahaha
< relsqui> I like it
<@snark> pretty much =P
< phobiac> relsqui: Incidentally, that's also how he perfoms in bed.
< Jello_Raptor> =|
< relsqui> burn :P
<@snark> always gonna build you up, always gonna let you down

#10437 (+14/-0)
<@Stereo> in the fine tradition of prisoners carving toothbrushes into knives, i kinda want to turn a switchblade into a folding toothbrush
< Shona> that sounds dangerous for your oral hygiene?
< Shona> where would you put the bristles?
<@Shrdlu> in your mouth
<@Shrdlu> obvs

#7243 (+11/-1)
< fedoragirl> Bucket: undo last <reply> Sorry, $who, you can't not undo that.
< Bucket> Sorry, fedoragirl, you can't undo that.

#452 (+21/-6)
<pv2b> i can never remember those lyrics

#1657 (+13/-4)
< VoiceofKiki> although, sadly, one of my friends was bitching about everyone saying the comic rocked because those lyrics so didn't scan to 'bad touch'
* VoiceofKiki facepalms
* Bucket headdesks
* psypete footceilings
* irokie neckwalls

#1029 (+4/-2)
<creature> If I can't be smart, I can at least pretend I'm in Reservoir Dogs.

#8561 (+9/-2)
<auxchar> Can you buy happiness on steam?
<llrcombs> yes
<Dritz> auxchar: one copy of Skyrim, coming right up?
<llrcombs> in the form of Portal 2 and skyrim

#2089 (+174/-23)
<noamsml> "A hundred prisoners are each locked in a room with three pirates, one of whom will walk the plank in the morning. Each prisoner has 10 bottles of wine, one of which has been poisoned; and each pirate has 12 coins, one of which is counterfeit and weighs either more or less than a genuine coin. In the room is a single switch, which the prisoner may either leave as it is, or flip. Before being led into the rooms, the prisoners are all made to
<noamsml> wear either a red hat or a blue hat; they can see all the other prisoners' hats, but not their own. Meanwhile, a six-digit prime number of monkeys multiply until their digits reverse, then all have to get across a river using a canoe that can hold at most two monkeys at a time. But half the monkeys always lie and the other half always tell the truth. Given that the Nth prisoner knows that one of the monkeys doesn't know that a pirate doesn't
<noamsml> know the product of two numbers between 1 and 100 without knowing that the N+1th prisoner has flipped the switch in his room or not after having determined which bottle of wine was poisoned and what colour his hat is, what is the solution to this puzzle?"

#8856 (+27/-0)
-!- ftr [ftr@3518612D.DFEDE87B.BD793F7.IP] has joined #xkcd
< ftr> hey guys
< Bucket> <ftr> Anyone have schematic diagrams for an OrgasMax dildo?
< ftr> Anyone have schematic diagrams for an OrgasMa-HANG ON A MINUTE

#4408 (+3/-0)
<Spork> i dont understand the premise for will smith's new movie (i've just seen the trailer) its called seven pounds
<internet> Spork: Amazing! Neither can I!
<heero> babies are seven pounds
<heero> on the black market

#7207 (+19/-10)
< crodgers> julian: also, i'd be willing to bet (and i know that this is unscientific) that more people could afford insurance if they cut back on their exorbitant life style in other places
< julian> crodgers: That's less "unscientific" and more "complete bullshit"

#8280 (+290/-6)
<stalagmatite> NoobSauce: lack of coffee makes me angry
<NoobSauce> stalagmatite: that's just the coffee talking

#1288 (+47/-10)
geekahedron: As a result of the phenomenon, the four most-viewed copies of the music video on YouTube have received over 14.5 million hits as of March 27, 2008. <<< somebody takes the time to update that stat on wiki every day
creature: geekahedron: Well, of course they do. They're not the kind to give Wikipedia up. Not the type to let Wikipedia down.
geekahedron: :D
***Cryomancer goarns at creature.
Cryomancer: err
Cryomancer: groans
Cryomancer: Man
***Cryomancer gives up
***Cryomancer lets himself down

#7369 (+22/-3)
<transkatie> ChatRoulette doesn't work on my computer--flash always crashes after 5 people
<ellipsis> transkatie: that's a feature
<snark> transkatie: chatroulette has too much flashing already
<snark> adobe can add nothing
<Jar`O`Jam> snark, do you want a rimshot with that ?

#8032 (+66/-0)
<logic> cuddlefish: cookies?
<Bucket> NO, NO COOKIES.
* Rena puts a soul in Bucket
* Bucket is now carrying a soul, but dropped root permissions.
* Rena puts a heart in Bucket
* Bucket drops some underscores and takes a heart.
<Rena> Bucket, cookies?
<Rena> much better.

#9916 (+13/-0)
<Bucket> death is an illusion but so is life
<snark> stop saying death bucket, use a different word, something that's good instead of death, something like uhh hamburger time
<barometz> .. hamburger time is an illusion? :(
<rcombs> "hamburger time is an illusion but so is life"
<snark> double double time doubly so

#8153 (+17/-2)
< Antipathy> i wonder how creepers reproduce
< Antipathy> i mean it'd be all oooohhh yesssssssssssssssssss BOOM

#6239 (+13/-1)
<feureau> say, how much force does it take to crush a man's penis?
<phobiac> Dammit stop hilighting me guys

#2067 (+17/-5)
<skat_> my brother's friends say that my scale is off-center
<skat_> things that are mediocre I love and things that are crap I find middling
<skat_> things that are fantastic I usually don't like
<relsqui> haha, it overflows

#5432 (+7/-0)
<dancingguerrilla> bucket =]
<Bucket> I am a sexy beast
<Vacorsis> haha
<dancingguerrilla> that works
<Bucket> Because it's science, bitches!

#4095 (+23/-6)
< Pungent_Liquid> Her boyfriend should have yelled obscenities into her vagina so that the sperm would get confused and unable to find the egg through echolocation
< Flibberdy> Pungent_Liquid: you have batsperm?

#7701 (+42/-1)
<PacifistDalek> ...we should make a Bucket OS
<LolCam> PacifistDalek: OH GOD NO
<PacifistDalek> It just says and does weird shit in response to whatever you do
<LolCam> that is the beginning of SkyNet right there
<PacifistDalek> It'd be like Suicide Linux, but more annoying
<Two9A> I wouldn't buy it.
<fedora> I think I could probably write a shell based on bucket.pl
<PacifistDalek> Two9A: Then I have good news, it's free!
<whiskeyish> ...i think i am running bucket OS.
<fedora> "Computer, reformat my hard drive!" "That is not a left-handed nun."
<whiskeyish> if all it does is say and do weird shit, i KNOW i am running bucket OS.
<fedora> hm
<fedora> We could have a web-accessible VPN
<natjo> BucketOS would also make incessant innuendo jokes when you're typing an email
<fedora> and users can script new commands as factoids
<asarkar> natjo: That's Bucket's version of Clippy
<fedora> and we could post a link to it in #xkcd and see what happens?
<Revan343> What's this about BucketOS?
<natjo> it looks like you're trolling 4chan. do you need any help with that?
<ellipsis> LolCam: that sounds like an idea, an office 2k assistant in form of a blue bucket with a smiley drawn on it
<fedora> natjo: "It looks like you're trying to visit 4chan. May I recommend visiting Reddit or Digg instead?"
<PacifistDalek> ...what have I done?
<whiskeyish> PacifistDalek: congratulations, you have suggested skynet.

#4122 (+11/-0)
<gameprey> still highlighting...
<gameprey> i had left 4 dead in my highlight list
<Maku> gameprey: I hear you have to play left 3 dead before you can understand the story at all.
<gameprey> Maku: it's too bad valve won't release the prequel for 12 years
<Maku> gameprey: Stop being so modest, minimum is 15 years.

#9340 (+27/-0)
<ropey> wow, something outside is pounding the ground so hard the walls are shaking
<ropey> the earth is quaking... my mind is aching.. and we were makin it AND YOUUUU SHOOOK ME ALLLL NIIIGHT LOOONNGGG
<melody> There's no way of knowing...
<wsa> shoot to thrill
<Bucket> play to kill
<melody> which way that we are going
<schwal> Wait, wrong song.
<Bucket> "Wait Wrong Song" would make a good name for a band.

#8816 (+24/-2)
<~relsqui> :D so my student who got her citizenship yesterday brought in the certificate so my boss could photocopy it and put it in one of our flier holders
<@benley> what does that look like?
<@Shrdlu> it says "WELCOME ABOARD THE CITIZEN SHIP!!!!" in comic sans
<@Shrdlu> and there's clipart of a ship with american-flag sails labeled "U.S.S. AMERICA"
<@benley> and the bottom has a little ad for the pro version of The Print Shop Plus Online

#553 (+2/-1)
<Nimz> obviously 'thighs.' For some reason 'thighs' without quotes immediately around it got turned into 'eyes.' I don't understand
<Bucket> obviously 'thighs.' For some reason 'thighs' without quotes immediately around it got turned into 'thighs.' I don't understand

#8615 (+45/-0)
< snark> straws are like daleks. After a certain point, you can call all of them the last one.
< snark> But it ceases to mean anything and becomes pretty ridiculous

#1036 (+6/-0)
<ppp>I guess having restless legs syndrone would be good for runners.

#9648 (+20/-0)
< maxh> How the hell does it pick up what I'm wearing?
<@relsqui> maxh: constant surveillance, obviously
< maxh> relsqui: But my webcam is off...
<@relsqui> or so you think
<@zigdon> maxh: or so you--
< WassPord> maxh: that's what yo-- DAMMIT RELSQUI
<@zigdon> damn it, relsqui

#6400 (+55/-10)
<CaptainPlatypus> what if you had a memes/country song titles crossover?
<CaptainPlatypus> I Accidentally The Whole Pickup
<freelancer> My Love For You Is Over 9000 >_>
<iva> I can has your love?
<Selig> Baby won't you take all my base?
<iva> My tractor's sexy (That's what she said)
<CaptainPlatypus> Move Zig For Great Justice (The South Will Rise Again)
<CaptainPlatypus> Just Me, My Dog, and Rule 34
<CaptainPlatypus> Im In Ur Bar, Ridin Ur Mechanical Bull
<CaptainPlatypus> Jesus Loves You But I Don't (Falcon Punch)
<iva> So I herd u liek my tits
<iva> Ask a cowboy (cause ninjas don't know)
<iva> i'm in love wirh two girls (and one cup)
<iva> the night the internetz went out!
<CaptainPlatypus> 2 AM And I Want A Big Mac (and I want a PC)
<Nek> You Make My Control Alt Delete
<iva> XKCD (sing to a tune of YMCA)
<CaptainPlatypus> Walking To Work Again (Nigga Stole Mah Bike)
<iva> Sudo make me a baby
<CaptainPlatypus> Goin' To A Whorehouse (A Cat Is Fine Too)
<iva> On The Road Again (Going Geohashing)
<Nek> I Ain't Been Right Baby (Since You Defriended Me)
<CaptainPlatypus> Tits Like Basketballs (Relevant To My Interests)
<CaptainPlatypus> Caught My Daughter Watching Porn (Fukken Saved)
<iva> When We Make Love, You'll Shit Bricks
<CaptainPlatypus> Just Not Tight Enough (Stick It In Her Pooper)
<iva> You look good from the MySpace angle
<iva> My love for you, let me show you it
<Nek> Hunting Season (Flamewars Just Don't Cut It)
<CaptainPlatypus> Think She's Eighteen? It's a Trap

#7554 (+75/-3)
<Andrew12> Wouldn't it be ironic if you died in the living room
<_0x44> Is there an expectation that one wouldn't die in a living room?
<Andrew12> ...
<Andrew12> you don't get it
<_0x44> I do indeed.
<_0x44> But irony is the juxtaposition of something with an expected opposite.
<_0x44> So if there is no expectation that one cannot die in a living room, there is no irony.
<_0x44> It would be ironic if a living room were to die, though.

#10294 (+8/-0)
<@Stereo> really the american system functions similarly to runoff voting, it's just that the runs are months apart
<@Stereo> and also for some reason take multiple months each
<@schwal> We call it "run-on voting"

#5463 (+16/-0)
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<Sarcastic> boom!
<fantasyprone> WOO NETSPLIT WOO
* fantasyprone does the netsplit dance
<netcrusher88> tiny netsplit
<Typoman> yay minisplit
* wsa (wsa@hide-97C45A62.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) has joined #xkcd
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<@snark> wow... yeah, that actually was a netsplit. I think that's the smallest netsplit I've ever seen.
<@snark> It was kind of cute.

#7433 (+9/-3)
<LeEris> I was so happy when I found the hugs programming environment, but really sad when after using it I found it makes me want hugs, not gives me them :<
<LeEris> "Haskell. It makes you want hugs."
<Feriority> "Haskell: You'll need hugs before you're done."
<LeEris> "Haskell. Hugs won't help, but you won't want to do it without."
<JoeBrain> "Haskell: Yet another language you'd feel cool by learning"