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Showing the top rated quotes from the last days.

#10640 (+6/-0)
Branes: If the Earth was flat, why haven't cats pushed everything off the edge by now?
diog: they have
diog: they're resting now
Lisimba: That's why NASA is guarding the edge glacier. They keep the cats there at bay.
Lisimba: The edge glacier cats are our greatest threat.
diog: once they wake up and notice we're here, there's going to be the Second Purrrge

#10641 (+5/-0)
<CO2> if the earth were to explode this moment, several thousand people would die while having sex
<CO2> but not you, you're just reading IRC

#10644 (+4/-0)
<loudaslife> aaand cura crashed
<loudaslife> let nobody ever say that 3D printing is easy
<nobody> 3d printing is easy!

#10642 (+3/-0)
<jamesl> the Welsh keyboard would probably have a separate key, or key combo, for "ll"
<jamesl> ll almost acts as a separate letter
<Lisimba> jamesl: yes, the key combo is to hit "l" twice.

#10643 (+2/-0)
<mewyn> flyingferret: Should I go home?
<flyingferret> Why not both?
<mewyn> That doesn't even make sense!
<Bucket> so's your face
<mewyn> What!

#10645 (+1/-0)
<Martin> You know, The Nether Lands sounds like a fantasy place full of dark things.
<ollipoli> A place with water dividing the land, giving them plurality
<ollipoli> A fairly large group of land masses, given that it isn't islands
<Martin> In truth it's cold and full of bicyclists

#10639 (+1/-0)
<CO2> all dogs are good boys
<multiplexd> CO2: um... bitch please?