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Showing the top rated quotes from the last days.

#10488 (+17/-0)
<jamesl> if I look at my laptop screen angled downwards it looks blue. If I look at it angled upwards it looks red. Why is this?
<jamesl> it only recently started
<Kalium> jamesl: are you closing and opening it at a really, really high speed?

#10486 (+6/-0)
<Bucket> I think I hear my mother calling me.
<kazitor> Bucket: you have no mother
* Bucket makes a show of patting his pockets, then shrugs helplessly
<kazitor> Bucket: you are adopted
<Bucket> Okay, kazitor.

#10489 (+6/-0)
<@bk> owls let the dogs out?
<@sheepbat> who who who who

#10490 (+5/-0)
< Oracle989> But a little lead isn't so bad for adults
< Oracle989> At low velocity
< Oracle989> (settle down, police departments)
< Oracle989> In fact, a very low concentration of lead may be essential to life!
< Oracle989> "Despite the toxicity of lead in significant amounts, there is some evidence that trace amounts are beneficial in pigs and rats, and that its absence causes deficiencies such as depressed growth, anemia, and disturbed iron metabolism. If this finding holds for humans, it would make lead an essential element, one with a threshold of toxicity so low that lead toxicity would remain a much higher priority than lead deficiency."
< Oracle989> A little radiation might be good for you.
< Oracle989> We actually don't know what low dose radiation does to the body
< Oracle989> Might hurt, might help, might not do anything
< Oracle989> The data is conflicting
* Oracle989 realizes he just said lead and radiation are both good for you
23:48:25 * Oracle989 applies to work at Trump's EPA
23:48:25 < IronAngel> you could be the health director for the US

#10492 (+3/-0)
<Vulpes> Bucket, go away <action> pokes billygoat
<+Bucket> Okay, Vulpes.
* billygoat sets mode: +b *!Vulpes@*.E8D5B2F1.70BCBC92.IP
* Vulpes was kicked by billygoat (Goat-ed)
<+Bucket> Penalty, Vulpes, unsportsmanlike conduct!

#10494 (+3/-0)
<Buckley> i lead a very dangerous life
<Buckley> like here's an example
<Buckley> i use q tips to clean my ear canal

#10493 (+3/-0)
< CO2> shit
< CO2> I have a problem
< CO2> the docs for java System.nanoTime() say that because of overflow, the value is inaccurate if you call it on the same process twice, more than 292 years apart.
<@relsqui> CO2: ...
< CO2> I was planning to run my program for 293 years >_<

#10487 (+3/-0)
<GreenWolf> pikhq: what are the differences between fly ash and volcanic ash that cause the difference in material properties?
<CheshireCat_> flys vs. volcanos obviously

#10491 (+6/-1)
< CO2> the good thing about global warming is that Great Reptiles and human sized insects may evolve again.
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