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Showing the top rated quotes from the last days.

#10531 (+4/-0)
< seth> wow I just heard george romero died
< seth> rip zombies
< rainy> that's not how zombies work

#10533 (+3/-0)
* multiplexd rolls their eyes at jamesl
* jamesl demultiplexes multiplexd
<jamesl> multiplexd is now d
*N* multiplexd now known as d
<d> to be fair, that nick is the result of spending too much time in front of the ffmpeg and mplayer man pages
<tonyb486> d: I always thought you were some kind of daemon for multiplexing
<tonyb486> systemctl start multiplexd
<d> tonyb486: i'm against systemd, you'll have to do better than that! ;)
<tonyb486> /etc/init.d/multiplexd start
*N* d is now known as multiplexd